Content is money, honey, so let’s get writing in your business!

Content is money, change your mindset around it, writes Elizabeth Campbell

I have a confession… Every now and then I get lax with my content… I can’t be bothered being on social media, it takes me time to do Insta stories and that blog I’ve been meaning write for a year will get done “one day”.

Sound familiar? Well, I’m just like you, I get the struggles of creating content.

*She says as she prepares to launch a YouTube TV show each week!*

While though I love content and writing and all things social media … even The Word Stylist gets sick of it sometimes!

And you are allowed to as well!

It’s natural … sometimes you get sick of going to the gym or cooking dinner. It’s an everyday task so, of course, you may get annoyed with it every so often.

The thing you need to remember is this … content is money

And you should treat content creation like a money-making activity.

Just like you would your sales conversations, follow-up processes and sending invoices so you get paid.

I received an email from a follower the other day and he said he just gets sick of creating content because it takes so much time.

I hear you. It does. And so does being in business or getting fit or saving for an overseas holiday.

Whenever I feel like this I always remind myself that content equals money…and that shapes me up pretty quickly.

I look at it like when I’m not on social media, writing that blog or sending an email, it’s costing me potential clients.

That’s the same thing I said to the follower.

He thought that was a pretty cool mindset shift.

One of the things my husband Raf and I talk about every day is “the 90 per cent“.

“The 90 per cent” talk is all the good things that happened in your day. If one of us is being a bit negative we remind each other of “the 90 cent” rule.

You see too many people focus on the bad, annoying or frustrating things that happen and when you think about it compared with all the good things, in reality, it’s probably only 10 per cent of your day or less that annoys you.

So I think of content creation as part of my 90 per cent, especially when I don’t feel like doing it!

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