Content writing mistakes: I blame autocorrect

I have a confession.

You know how I love words and writing just about more than anything in world?

Well, I’m a shocking texter and emailer when it comes to mistakes and typos. I blame it on autocorrect.

My friends regularly give me heaps over the irony that I’m an editor and have built a life around this craft, but the messages they get from me are anything but polished and error free. Sometimes they don’t even make sense. Oooh waaa.

I know, naughty, right?

In my defence, I am hugely busy and while I do reread what I’ve written, sometimes my eyes just seem to gloss over it, which can I admit is quite a strange phenomenon for me because I was always pedantic about spelling and grammar in my print journo days and I was meticulous in my proofing. Just ask the designers I used to work with – it annoyed them no end.

My bestie regular texts me to say “go back and read your last message” … I know it’s always going to be hilarious when that happens!

My roomie even left me Facebook post to say “auto correct is not your friend”.

And just the other day I hit send before I even had a chance to reread an email to a client. Dammit!


So my new year resolution is to slow down and reread my texts, messages and emails. Simple.

Happy new year, my friends!

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