It’s time to transform your business with better content

Transform content writing journey

Content writing journey – Transform level

Transform content writing journey

Transformation: A complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that thing or person is improved. (Cambridge Dictionary).

Sure, this definition works when you’re upgrading your wardrobe or when your favourite café undergoes a facelift (or an actual facelift, come to think of it) … but what about transforming your online presence, profile and content?

Well, my friend, this is the most beautiful part of the Content Journey.

The Transform level is when you understand your target audience, you know how you can help them, you feel alive because your business is thriving and you’re not so busy yourself because you have outsourced and you have an amazing team around you.

But it’s also because finally you have a secure and solid content strategy in place and you are creating consistent content that gets a great result every time. 

You are confident. You know who you are, what you do and how you help people.

Magic is happening.

Lots of magic.

When you get to this level it actually feels like you’ve made it, there’s momentum and people know your name. The leads are abundant and people refer clients and work your way, you are asked to speak and be interviewed on podcasts and media, and you are offered partnerships and so many more opportunities..

You sell more and it feel effortless.

The dream becomes a reality!

Yes, you are still creating content but it’s not “work” – it’s fun and you have help; a VA or a content writer that you have on your team or you outsource to.

You’ll feel good about your content. No, wait. You feel OUTSTANDING! 

  • You know your messaging
  • You know your business besties
  • You understand everything in your business.
  • You know your offerings and funnel
  • You’ve got it mapped out, and you see the vision
  • You’re on the right path
  • You’re not distracted, you’re focused
  • And you’re seeing consistent results from your content
  • People are messaging you all the time on social media
  • They are signing up to your freebies, webinars, courses and workshops
  • They are buying from your website
  • They want to speak with you!

So now what?

Now, it’s a matter of honing your writing skills and continuing to get better and quicker at writing and creating your content.

And it’s now about expanding your content repertoire and discovering new strategies to attract more leads and new clients.

Remember the 7 pieces of content I mentioned way back at the start of our 6-part blog series (and that I bang on about all the time?).

It’s time to start getting those in place. You can read about them further down this blog.

This content is where the fortune is.

Why? Because it’s honed into your Business Besties and the level they are on now, it’s finite in its detail and it’s more automated.

So now that you can see the gold at the end of the rainbow, let’s get you there!

Transform content writing journey

Here are the 7 pieces of content you need for an awesome online presence!

  • Website

This is the gateway to any business online and must be done right. Think of your website as a virtual version of your office but a self-service one. Customers must be able to navigate your website easily through clear, legible page descriptions, menu headers and the right words. Ensure your website content is engaging, entertaining and educational for the best results.

  • Blog and social media posts

Blogs help to educate visitors on your website, start conversations and provide more information about your business, products and company culture. It’s your credibility ticket. Make use of your blog and social channels for SEO purposes too as it is a great way to improve your website’s ranking on search engines. While social media is a great way to build connections and promote your content and get visitors back to your website!

  • Promotion post

An effective promotion blast can help to attract customers to your website, boost your mailing list subscription and also introduce your product to new audiences that you can then work towards converting to customers. A good promo post will still help your reader as well as entice them to take the next step with you. You can use this post on social media and for your VIP database.

  • Landing page

Your landing page is like your personal customer service guru and sales person. A killer landing page will encourage visitors to leave their contact details and also click on your call-to-action to learn more about what you have to offer. Ultimately, they will buy your initial offering.

  • Newsletter

Your newsletter (or whatever you decide to call it!) will help to strengthen the bond between you and your VIP list. Newsletters provide regular updates to customers and prospects, and remind them that they are valued, loved and important to you. It also helps as a means of building relationships, understanding what your VIPs want from you, sharing your content and introducing new products and promotions to your readers.

  • Free download

Offering quality, free, downloadable content on your website gives customers value they can hold on to. By giving customers and website visitors free information or content through an easy download, you also help to increase your leads base for further communication, while helping them with a problem that is holding them back to achieving their desired result.

  • Email series

This is a beneficial way to stay in touch with people. They can be used to remind, nurture, on-sell or welcome new clients or prospects. They can boost your revenue easily without spamming the receiver’s inbox. A quality sales email sequence with adequate information, benefits and actionable offers encourages readers to visit your website or landing page to sign up or buy. These email series can also be used for researching new products and services. Pretty important, don’t you think?!

How to get the most out of this level

It is at this level that you will create the rest of the 7 pieces of content and start to work on your other leverage pieces like a book, podcast, TV show, video series, podcast, online course, and so on.

To make the most of this level, get your content strategy in order and start using it religiously, while you build out your team and outsource your low-leverage tasks, including the posting of your content. 

There are 3 other areas you also need to get in place:

  • Lead generation strategy
  • Promotion strategy
  • Sales strategy

These strategies along with the 7 pieces of content will supercharge your online presence and profile. 

CASE STUDY: I was talking with a client about this recently as part of the content mentoring service I offer. We always get these three strategies in place when we work together – because they will save you every time. Her homework was to write down all of the ways she get currently gets leads and any other things she wants to try. Then we will pull this into a generation strategy.

>>> You must be promoting your content to get the leads to turn into sales.

HOT TIP: Now is the perfect time to check in and make sure your business is on the right path. There might be a few tweaks you need to make.

This will help you easily jump into the Wow Factor level. The top of the Content Journey and where you become a Content Star with Wow Factor!

Stay tuned for that next week with our final blog in the 6-part series all about the Wow Factor level.

Transform content writing journey


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