What do content writing, freedom and a bike have in common?

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What do content writing, freedom and a bike have in common? Let me explain.

I bought a bike recently – and hated it!

I used to love riding my bike, and when my husband, Rafa, organised an early Christmas present – a bike – I was so excited.

But then I went for my first ride, and the gears didn’t work properly, and the seat hurt my butt, and the handlebars were too low, and I was scared to ride on the road with cars; I said a few choice words about that damn bike!

I got home from my first ride and declared to my family how much I hated it, but I would make it my business to get used to it!

You know why? Because it was uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable.

But then I went for a ride the next day and sorted out my gears and got a bit more confident.

And I went again the following day and sorted out the seat and handlebars so it was more comfortable to ride.

And after the third day, my sister asked how my bike was going, and I blurted out how much I loved it!

Everyone, including me, was shocked! “But I thought you hated it,” she said.

Of course, I hated it. I hated it because it made me uncomfortable, and who likes to be uncomfortable? No one!

But then I realised why I loved riding – the bike is such a small component of the ride, so are the gears and seat.

For me, it’s about the freedom I have, the wind on my face, and how many places I get to see that walking can’t get me to in 20, 30, 60 minutes.

So when I thought about why I loved it and what it represented to me, I realised how much I actually loved that bike and that being uncomfortable was actually a great thing.

And this got me thinking. So many of my clients hate writing because it’s uncomfortable for them, it takes time to get confident, it costs money sometimes, and not every piece of content will get you new clients every single time like all the Facebook ads say they will.

And this can be disheartening and disappointing – and that’s uncomfortable!

But you have to remember what content means to you – like what my bike means to me.

Hint: It’s not about the content … it’s about the end result and what you are trying to achieve in your business; the freedom.

If you want a thriving, growing business with an abundance of clients, a business that works without you so you can step out of it and do more of the things you love sooner – more time with loved ones, more time with your kids, more time to travel and go on holidays, more time for yoga and “me time”.

If this is what a successful business looks like to you, then content and writing amazing social posts, blogs, and web pages, newsletters, and emails are going to be your “bike”.

Are you reading me? Content will be the means to your end results; your dream business and life.

You might even want to scale it up with courses and memberships, so it’s even less work than 1-on-1 clients.

You might want to work from anywhere, from cafes, co-working spaces, and even the beach.

You might want to do bigger partnerships, media, and podcast interviews.


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Whatever you want to do in your business, one thing is for sure … you need to be able to write content that helps you get more leads and inquiries so you can have an abundance of clients knocking at your door.

That’s a fact.

And you must be riding that content writing bike for content writing freedom!

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