13 tips to write punchy content that gets your desired result

13 tips to write punchy content that gets your desired result – EC Writing Services

It’s that time of the week {again} … content time, but instead of being excited and energetic about it, you find yourself worrying instead. 


Stop making content writing harder than it has to be with these 13 actionable tips you can do today.

This week on the blog, I’ve got some very simple steps for you to take when it comes to topics, writing structure, images and getting better reach from your posts.

So let’s dive in and make your content scorching hot!


If topics are an issue for you, find out what’s happening around you, listen to what your audience and customers have to say, talk to more people and engage with other brands to learn from what they are doing right.

1 – Keep a word bank of topics and ideas and add to it REGULARLY, so you’re not scrambling as the month goes by.     

Here are a few ideas that you can begin with: 

2 – What are your industry leaders and influencers talking about? What can you add to this by giving it your own spin? 

3 – What is your audience looking to read about? Try Instagram’s stories to find out!

4 – What’s trending right now? The top hashtags can give you a hint! 


Do you have Wow Words that make you stand out, speak to your audience directly and build a rapport quickly?

Some of the biggest challenges many businesses struggle with are engagement, staying relevant and being connected to their audience. 

For your audience to relate to your content on a deeper, emotional level and engage with you, use the power of Wow Words! 

5 – Wow Words™ are words you (and your clients and audience) use regularly. 

You add these to your content to build trust and make sure you’re consistent online and off (and so people who meet you are meeting the same person both online and off).  

6 – Go to your Word Bank and write down all the words you and your clients use all the time, including phrases.


Without structure, your content will be messy, boring and distracting.

Here’s what you should keep an eye out for in every piece of content you create:

7 – Headline/hook: Does your headline make your reader curious? 

8 – Lead sentence: Does your content have facts, questions or statistics in it? 

9 – Body copy: Have you added your own opinions, methodology or steps to stand out? Have you told the story in a logical way?

10 – Call to action: Have you given people a chance to expand their knowledge? Does this relate to your overall business plan and what you are trying to get done? 


Not everything’s about your written content — it’s about focusing on your images too!

DID YOU KNOW: When people hear or read information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of it three days later. But if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retain 65% of it. WOW!

Compelling content is a must-have, but so are the compelling visuals! 

High-quality, fun and interactive images and visuals will simply win you more clicks and encourage more social shares. 

11- This week, switch up your visuals and experiment with gifs, infographics and videos to attract more attention! 


Are you missing this step in your content-marketing strategy? 

“Without promotion, something terrible happens … nothing!” – P. T. Barnum

Oh, the joy when content is written, proofread, ready and scheduled. Do you feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders?

But then you leave it there on your website or in the social stratosphere; why not give it an organic boost and promote it?

12 – Try promoting groups, your social platforms, partnerships, engagement pods, ads or sending it to your newsletter list to start with.

13 – Create a content promotion plan and include these above promotion places in it – then promote your content regularly.

What to do now for your content writing?

You’ve got your topic, you’ve written great content, it has an eye-catching image and now you are ready to promote it – but how, I hear you ask?

BIZ FRIENDS … you are in luck!  I’m releasing my CONTENT PROMOTION GUIDE again to help you promote your content.

No more icky salesy feelings when promoting yourself or your business … because you’re actually letting more people know about your value through your awesome content!!

This is an area 90 per cent of business owners don’t do (because you don’t know you have to or you don’t know how).

The Content That Connects Guide is ready and waiting for you right here.
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It helps to drive leads and convert clients you didn’t even know were watching!
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