Content promotion: The forgotten step in your content journey

Content promotion: The forgotten step in your content journey | EC Writing Services

“It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins.” – Andy Crestodina, Orbitmedia

Updated June 2021

QUESTION: What does your content promotion plan look like?

Maybe you’ve written all the blogs and socials for the month, scheduled it and you heave a sigh of relief as you tick off the task on your to-do list because you think your work is done. 

Sorry, but it’s possible you have missed a step.

The forgotten step. Content promotion.

Content promotion is one element where business owners struggle and the reason why many of you do not get the results you envision.

Every business owner today understands how high-quality, planned and consistent content can help you: 

– Spread the word about your offerings, products, workshops, courses and so on 

– Find leads, sales and new opportunities 

– Add quality and value for your readers with every content piece 

– Find your target audience and gain their trust

– Grow your online community beyond the existing following

If you don’t do your best to get your content in front of as many people as possible, how will you accomplish these primary goals?

The more you talk, share and spread the word about your content, the closer you get to getting noticed in the online world – this is the key to any small business’s success.

What’s stopping you from getting the most out of your content?

Content promotion: The forgotten step in your content journey | EC Writing Services

In the process of helping several business owners with their content, we have found only a few are aware of the “marketing side” of a content marketing strategy.

As business owners we spend hours sweating over creating the best images, the most punchy headlines and thumb-stoppable content… only to wait for people to come and find it. 

But it’s not good enough any more when your competitors are out there promoting their content to the socials, newsletter lists, doing partnerships, posting in groups and basically doing everything possible to get the word out about their value.

The other main concern is that many business owners have no idea this is an important next step that defines the path to online success or simply don’t have the time to add to the task list that is already piling up!

Whatever your reason, content promotion is the smallest, most inexpensive way for every small business owner to get attention online. Announcing that you have a new podcast up on your website, sharing your latest blog on social media and even using the media to cover your business’s awesome story – does not make you “salesy”!

It makes you SMART!

Is your current content marketing strategy getting you results?

FACT: B2B marketers use an average of 13 content marketing tactics. (Source: TopRankBlog)

It’s okay to begin with one social media platform when you are starting off with your content marketing efforts. As soon as you have a system ready, diversify to create more interesting types of content and look into how you can promote everything you do on different, relevant channels.

Why leave the published content for only a handful of people to see when you could turbocharge it and get it in front of more eyes?

Plan + write + leverage = business growth

Step 1 – PLAN your content creation and promotion strategies 

Step 2 – WRITE your content and match it with the relevant promotion tactics 

Step 3 – LEVERAGE your content as you roll out your promotion plan

When you plan, write and leverage your content to the fullest, business growth and success will follow without doubt. If you have nailed the content creation side of things, here are some of the tried and tested ways in which you can leverage your content:

– Do a roundup of blogs, podcasts or interesting news on your email broadcasts.
– Try paid promotions like Facebook or Google ads.
– Reach out to influencers and the media. 
– Repost your press releases on your website.
– use promotional posts or stories on your social media to announce what’s new in your business and team.
– Share ALL content on your relevant Facebook or LinkedIn groups. 
– Go live on Facebook to talk about your new podcast with a celebrity or industry leader (invite them to join too!).
– Reshare the guest posts or blogs you have written.

Do you want to take content into your own hands?

We often hear about the painstaking struggles of business owners when it comes to content creation and strategising. 

You may start seeing results in just a few months, others might still be waiting for that momentous day when content starts working its magic for their business.

But do you know what it takes to master the art of content marketing?

Strategy and practice!

You’re probably wondering, “how long does it take to actually nail content creation and get results?”

It could take days, months or years (or never!) – it depends on how seriously you take it.

Writing For Results writing course Elizabeth Campbell Wow School / EC Writing Services

However, we can speed up the content-results process for you, help you stay accountable, offer you all the tips, tricks and templates and nudge you in the right direction with our Writing For Results course.

Over 4 weeks, you will:

– Create plans and strategies blog and social media content
– Find your voice and style so you can connect with your target audience better (and write for them)
– Learn the art of storytelling and research
– Discover the structure for ALL online content including your blogs, emails and socials
– Write promotional content to generate valuable leads
– Sell without being “salesy”
– Implement all of your learnings every step of the way
– And so much more!

If you want to learn how to write impactful content and strategise like a PRO, register here.

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