Content not working any more? Here’s the reason why

Content not working any more? Here’s the reason why | Elizabeth Campbell Wow School Global

Content not working any more? Ooh, you’ve got a major problem on your hands if this is you. Why? Because in case you haven’t noticed, consumers are spending a heck of a lot more time online, scrolling social media, reading blogs, watching videos, and listening to podcasts. 

One hour extra per day.

But they’ve changed and so has their taste in content.

Maybe you have noticed that your content just is not working any more. Or your engagement has plummeted. Or the leads are drying up.

Here’s why: Your audience is less likely to just take your word for it; they are sick of content that doesn’t speak directly to them, they prefer valuable content over ads, and they want an experience with you.

They want to be your loyal fans, but you’ve got to do something for them in return – and it starts with your content.

Content not working: The experience starts with your first words

And you know this for yourself. Think about the last post you loved … what did it give you? A tip, hack, process, inspiration, motivation – what was it for you?

The last post I engaged with was from @smtssocial who shared a post on how to pin your top comments to your Instagram post.

I had no idea you could do this and thought it was a great idea … imagine being able to have the best comment that praises you or speaks highly of you pinned to the top of the post for everyone else to see. How valuable is that?

Now here’s why I enjoyed it:

  1. I learned something new.
  2. I was blown away by how simple the tip was.
  3. It was really easy to do.

Try these types of content for better results

According to Better Marketing, there are 8 areas we need to focus on in our content to build trust online, gather more fans, and create content that compels people to take the next step with us. (Source: Better Marketing)

  • Valuable: Wow, I can’t believe how much information I am getting!
  • Emotionally compelling: I feel the same way!
  • Consistent: I’m not confused at all about what this brand is and what they can do for me.
  • Surprising or delighting: I never thought about it that way!
  • Working: I feel like this brand is committed to only providing me with valuable information.
  • A break from the norm: They are so different from everyone else!
  • Exclusive: It’s like they know me!
  • Community-oriented: I’m so glad I’m not alone.

Now here’s the content writing hack for each one:

  • Valuable: Tips, how-tos, and processes.
  • Emotionally compelling: Stories, confessions, fears, and lessons.
  • Consistent: Messaging and planning your content to align with the rest of your branding.
  • Surprising or delighting: Thought leadership and your personal hacks.
  • Working: Social proof, case studies, user-generated content, behind the scenes with you doing your best work.
  • A break from the norm: Value propositions, online personality, tone of voice, and personal hacks.
  • Exclusive: Writing content based on what your audience wants, sharing your research, statistics, mentioning and interviewing your fans and clients.
  • Community-oriented: Goals, mentions, and tags, user stories, testimonials, and thought leadership.

Are you creating content that uses some of these tactics? Do you have these mapped out in a plan? If your content is not working, try these types of copy.

The biggest change you need to make to your content right now

My content has been fetching amazing results in the last 3-6 months. I’ve been getting more engagement, likes, comments, shares, and PMs.

I’m getting more inquiries and clients.

And it comes down to those 8 areas of content I just mentioned and writing copy with these tactics in mind.

But the biggest change I’ve made is understanding my audience and what they want and need.

HOT TIP: You can do this simply by looking at your analytics and insights. Check-in on what people are engaging with. For example, you might notice you get lots of engagement from a personal story. So that tells you people enjoyed that post; so add more personal stories to your content. Link to story writing blog / just search when adding the link

Or you might see that people really enjoy seeing pictures of you and your husband or kids or cat … start using more of these types of pictures with your content. They will complement your strategy.

You can’t be writing and creating content that doesn’t work … that’s crazy! If your content is not working – it’s time for some new strategies and to get back to basics again.

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