Are you missing this step in your content marketing strategy?

3 ways you can stand out in your business and content right now – EC Writing Services

“Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!” – P. T. Barnum

Oh, the joy, when content is written, proofread, ready, and scheduled. Do you feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders? 

It’s done and dusted!

Hold your horses, you may be forgetting a very important step… Content promotion!

Your content promotion strategy is just as important as the overall content plan or the writing process. So do you have one?

DID YOU KNOW: Only 13% of small bloggers promote an article before it goes live. Yet 20% of all bloggers surveyed promote an article before it goes live.

If you are rolling out a new blog, or if you have scheduled a live session 20 days from now – unless you share the word online and with your audience, imagine how many viewers you will get?

Not very many, probably.  

If you still feel like you are getting nowhere with content marketing, chances are – pre-promotion, promotion and post-promotion of your content is what your business has been missing all along. 

3 kinds of content you should be writing about

Have you noticed how the big and famous brands never stop sharing content online? Whether it is a social post, videos, lives or an email, they are as active as ever. If you haven’t noticed, they are in fact doing more of everything even in the current climate.

Are you doing enough, content-wise, for your business? I would say there is probably room for a little bit more!

Promotion often has a negative connotation that may make us feel like we are “spamming” our audience or be “salesy”.  

This is a mistake and you need to do away with that perception. Don’t get me wrong, I understand where you are coming from. But my secret trick when it comes to promotion is actually promoting your content … let it do the work for you!

Valuable content allows you to promote your business without feeling worried about whether you are annoying or spamming anyone. 

As for what you can write about to successfully promote, these are the three most attractive and popular types of content that is trending at the moment and works for businesses:

1: Tips and tricks: 

Who doesn’t love helpful tips that are impactful? In a tips post, rather than just posting about your offerings straight up, instead you can share valuable information that your audience will love and the followed by a call to action with your offerings for those who are interested want to know more.

2: Thought leadership:

To be a thought leader you must understand innovation, identify with your community and provide insight, guidance and encouragement to build trust. Given the current circumstances, a lot of businesses are being supportive and opening up to share their frameworks, methods and thoughts on success. What can you share as a thought leader to help people get through these uncertain times?

3: Vision post:

Let’s take the current situation for instance – as there is a lot at stake for all businesses right now and in the near future, you might notice a lot of content focused on what you can do to keep your business going in the post-covid world.

Final thoughts

There are a myriad ways that you can promote your business. What is the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear content promotion?

Paid ads? Sure, they are the go-to choice for many businesses and rightly so. But I encourage you to also think about “content upgrades”.

Cheat sheets, checklists, free downloads, swipe files, templates, infographics, podcasts, video tutorials, snippets of a paid offering, e-books, free trials, worksheets and so on. Think about what your business can offer to your amazing audience and how you can share your knowledge with the world. 

You will witness the amazing results, if you make sure it is genuinely helpful, unique and worth your audience’s time – rather than clickbait. This way, you will also build trust with your audience, leads and clients.

I know just what you need


If you need a hand … I have a hub of helpful resources that cover these points (and many more.

If your content is boring, not getting cut-through, too salesy or non-existent due to:

  • No plan or strategy
  • Lack of content writing experience or skills
  • You simply don’t know what to write about
  • You’re just not standing out in the current climate …

I’ve got a solution to help – a hub of information, templates and training to take you from NOW to WOW in 4 short weeks.

The Wow School Global Wow Words content planning and writing course where you will learn how to:

💥Map out your content in a strategic manner (TRAINING)

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💥Write posts in just 10 mins a day (TEMPLATES)

💥Build your online presence and profile and take your business online (STRATEGIES)

💥Learn the easiest ways to promote your content to get leads (TACTICS AND TEMPLATE

💥Learn and understand your target market – and how to write for them (TEMPLATE)

💥Re-write your message and reposition your business online (TEMPLATE)

💥Identify your WOW Words to really attract your ideal clients (TEMPLATE)

💥6x LIVE writing sessions with Liz

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It’s time to stop and get back to basics, and it’s time to make your content really work for you.

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