Where are you on the content journey?

Get the wow factor on the content journey

Content … it’s an almighty beast and it can be hard to tame if you don’t crack the whip sometimes!

Content actually comes down to one thing … the journey. It’s more than just whacking up a blog or putting up a social post. It’s about the journey of discovery to WOW FACTOR – and all the logical steps you take to get to that amazing destination.

We all go on journeys in different areas of our lives, whether it be with ourself, love or career, but if you’re an established and ambitious business owner … the content journey is one of the most insightful and empowering you will ever go on in business.

Why?  Because content is the key to more of everything – leads, sales, new clients and growth opportunities.

Awesome content is the secret to standing out online, sharing your voice and being seen as a leader.

Savvy business owners go on an amazing journey of their own creating and writing their content because they take the time to understand their target market, they stand for something that is more than themselves (or making money) and they dedicate time (or resources) to making sure their online content has the wow factor!

So my friend, in this blog post, I’d love to know where you are at on your content journey.

Where are you on the Content Journey?

What is your next step on the content journey?

When you are building your online presence and profile, you need to know the next logical steps to take to get to the next level, right?

If you don’t have the map or a blueprint to follow it’s confusing, you waste a lot of time and you end up feeling lost, overwhelmed or just annoyed!

And it has an effect on your confidence and productivity.

But if you know the steps of your content journey, you know the next step to take and the right path to follow, and you would always feel organised, confident and happy!

So in the graphic above, which level are you on? And if you don’t know … ask yourself:

  • Where are you at in your business?
  • What does the next step look like?
  • How do you feel about your content?
  • Is it getting you the result you want?

What the content journey feels like

Recently, I was talking to one of our beautiful clients, and she was very overwhelmed. It’s just her in her business, and she is doing everything herself. This includes her content and trying to launch a new product at the same time.

She is running all over the countryside presenting and speaking. She is also trying to update the website, write blogs, be out there on social media to get more leads and so on.

But, she is so busy at the moment that certain areas are starting to fall down as she goes to present and run workshops, while doing the 1-1 client work and all the content too.

There is only so much you can do before you have to let something go to move to the next level. SIDE NOTE: You actually have to relinquish some control at every level of business – and content!

I knew where she was on her content journey (she’s at the Progress stage). Business owners in the Progress stage of business and content are spinning all wheels and getting nowhere fast … they are doing everything and while they are seeing some results from their content, it’s sporadic and infrequent.

If this is you right now, OUTSOURCE SOMETHING!

You need to start building your team and allowing those people to help you, especially with your content and marketing activities. Then you will have more time to get a lead generation plan, promotion plan and sales strategy together for your content so it works for you every time and not just sometimes.

And that’s going to stop you from being so reactive.

What do I mean by reactive?

This is reactive: “OMG, I have no money in my account, I need to get some work ASAP.” So you do a whole bunch of marketing, follow-up emails and social media posts – and voila – you get some work in! Yay. But it is short-lived because you are not being consistent with your content and marketing efforts – and the story repeats itself every three months or so!

Don’t worry. I’ve been there too. This is the reason I’ve created the 5 S Content 2 Ca$h writing methodology and templates, systems and processes for how we do things.

And it’s the reason why I have models and strategies in place so that my team and can be very calm about content.

Content is like a business; it’s got a mind of its own. It can be crazy, and you can get lost in the ocean of content and social media for hours. Then all of a sudden, you come up for air and half the day is gone. Haven’t we all been there?

Next week I’m going to share each level with you in more detail so you can really determine where you are at.

For now, grab a pen and paper and write down the answers to the questions above. Then check out the graphic and choose your level!


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