Content ideas: No.1 pain in neck for business owners

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Ideas. They are a massive part of creating content. As a business owner who writes your own content, you generally have one of two problems when it comes to content ideas:

  • You have too many of them, get information overload and procrastinate doing any of them.
  • You don’t have enough of them so sit at your computer looking blank faced at a blank screen.

So this week, I’ve put together some writing tips that will help you get going with your content.

1. Writing idea: Writing in your voice

Many business owners initially struggle with finding their style and voice to communicate who they are, what they do and how they help people. 

What about you? 

Let’s explore how your personal voice can set you apart from the rest of the business world. There is certainly no right or wrong way to write, but one thing I believe is that no one should imitate others. 

They key to shine as a business and brand is to just be yourself and write in your own, unique way. Sure, you can rework ideas into your own, but it’s important to be congruent.

This, along with a focus on your values and offers, will strike the right chord with your target audience. What do you feel like writing about today?

2. Writing idea: Keep it personal


Your Business Besties will welcome you with open arms if they can relate to you on a personal and deeper level. 

I know it can be scary if you have never shared personal information before – but you can choose the level of how personal you get.

People want to connect with you online, and they wonder whether you are just like them, so here are three things to try:

  1. A personal, vulnerable or funny story
  2. A messy desk or house, screaming kids, a bad day – something that happens to everyone
  3. Something you really enjoy or like but no one knows about

Your challenge today is to SHARE PERSONAL CONTENT!

Content ideas, EC Writing Services, Writing For Results, Wow School Global Elizabeth Campbell

3. Writing idea: Use your own Wow Factor

You will see a much higher engagement rate with your followers and fans the moment you start writing as though you are speaking directly with each of them. 

This is the level of personal connection you should be aiming for, to truly build your network. 

  • Using words like “I, we, us and you” rather than “company, team or client” is one way to humanise your content anywhere. 
  • Use personal images and share content with no filters – for example, no makeup, messy hair, feeling sad, bad day. Try it and see how you go.
  • Share an opinion on something you feel strongly or passionately about. It’s up to you how controversial you get, but taking a stand for something allows your Business Besties to share your passion

4. Writing idea: Put a face to what you share online

Do you think written content is the only way to reach out to your tribe?

No! Even though I love the written word! One of the ways you can speak with your lovely followers, friends and family is via videos and live videos.

Videos are a great way for people to “see” you, to understand you and to feel the emotion in your voice and facial expressions. They can get to know you!

Think about it this way – would you prefer meeting your client in person or over video call or would you rather speak to them about business via text messages?

A video form of content helps you communicate an emotion, feeling, passion and persona that you can’t always get the essence of with words. You can establish a trust factor and get one step closer to connecting with your viewers when they see you every now and then.

Content ideas, EC Writing Services, Writing For Results, Wow School Global Elizabeth Campbell

Need some help coming up with ideas?

Coming up with ideas and topics to write content about can be really difficult , frustrating and TIME-CONSUMING!

And if it’s one thing you don’t have a lot of – IT’S TIME!

So, I’ve got something for you that’s going to really help you with these 3 key problems:

  1. You don’t know what to write about so you procrastinate.
  2. You don’t know how to write it in a way that will get engagement.
  3. t’s taking you way too much time to write (which costs you money)

Entre the Ultimate Content Ideas Swipe File – 60+ content ideas that work to get more clients quickly.

If you’d like to:

  • be more consistent with your content online
  • save time and write quickly
  • actually see a result – like more engagement, leads and clients
  • get more reach without advertising, and
  • post the right words day in day out..

You are in the right place! Grab your Swipe File here today!

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