Confidence: The struggle is real, so try this

Content Confidence - you got this! Just take a little step and join our content writing challenge!

Confidence. Let’s talk about your content confidence. Hands up, have you ever felt on the lesser side of confident when it comes to your business and your content?

Did you just put your hand up?

I know, me too! We have all been there and those who say they haven’t are just being confident about not being confident!

When it comes to your content confidence, I used to have the same nerves as you. True story.

When I first started out in my business and sharing my knowledge from being a journalist for 13 years at the time, I was a wreck every time I had to hit the “GO” button.


Because the struggle is real … for everyone. Even now that I’m upping my content game and having more of an opinion or sharing different ideas still freaks me out.

But you need to remember one thing…

You know your content – and that’s something to be confident about.

I can’t tell you how often people say to me: “I’m getting in my own way. I don’t have the confidence to put myself out there.”

I was talking to a woman recently and the conversation went something like this:

Me: What’s happening with your content?

Her: I’m not getting any engagement.

Me: Why is that? What are you putting out there?

Her: Well, I’m not really sure what to put out there on social.

Me: How often are you going out?

Her: Well, not very often. Maybe once a month.

Me: Alright, it’s ok. Tell me, why are you not going out on social media and producing content very often?

Her: I just don’t feel very confident.

Confidence is actually one of five biggest issues that business owners face when it comes creating content.

They are not confident enough to put themselves out there. It’s fear.

Fear of negative comments, fear they might say the wrong thing or make a mistake, fear of posting the wrong information, fear of being called out for not “knowing enough” or being an expert, fear of the imposter syndrome.

It’s so big.

Remember your strengths

You had a life before you started a business. You had (and still have) a career, background, experience, skills and knowledge; and that’s probably the reason why you started the business. Just because you’re “new in business” doesn’t make any difference at all.

Your business besties aren’t coming to you because you have a “business”, they are coming to you because of what you can help them with – your strengths and skills!

Let’s say you go to a fantastic hairdresser, she’s actually the best hairdresser you’ve ever been to. She gets the cut and colour right every time, she’s really nice to talk with and gives great customer service.

Anyhow, she decides to start her own business and later asks you to become one of her valued clients in that business. You’re going to go, right? She is an awesome hairdresser and she gets you!

You wouldn’t respond with, “Sorry, I don’t know, because you’re new in business, and you don’t really know how to run a business yet. When you know how to run a business, then I’ll come to you”.

It just doesn’t happen like that, but it’s so funny how to we think like this. That’s the reason for the low confidence. Our thoughts!

Forget the would-be criticism

It’s not going to happen. It rarely does. It’s just part of the fear.

Just remember you are doing your best and you are an expert in what you do, and it’s OK if somebody else has a different opinion.

The best thing you can do is learn more about how to deliver you content so it takes away the fear. You know your stuff.

Just take a little step each day.

Scared to try something for the first time?

You might have a whole other confidence issue around social media or just content in general. This might be doing a live video, writing a blog, actually publishing your blog, or maybe doing a podcast.

My advice is to just do it because you’re going to reap the best rewards from it.

Confidence: Take little steps

The only way to grow your confidence online is to take a little step each day, remembering that all the little steps add up to one big massive giant leap for you.

When you have built your confidence, then just take a massive jump!

Do that live video or launch a podcast, write a blog that you thought no one will want to read. Do it today.

You are not alone…

Remember you are not alone, everyone has content confidence issues at some stage.

So why don’t you come and hang out with a bunch of like-minded business owners on our next Social Media SOS Content Writing Challenge?

What now?!

Are you feeling less-than-confident when it comes to your writing skills?

Gah! It’s a toxic feeling that can plague any business owner. You feel stuck, frustrated, discouraged, anxious (and any other ill feeling you’re having right now!).

I can relate to what you are feeling; I’ve been there and so have hundreds of other business owners we’ve worked with.

The truth is, content takes time and effort – and not all content works the way you want it to.

But it is a skill that you can master with the right tools, templates, and mentorship. I promise!

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