Constantly comparing your business content writing to others?

Are you content confident? Learn how to get more confidence with your content

Business content writing: Does this sound familiar to you? Perhaps it rings a bell?

You’re scrolling through social media consuming online content like crazy, trying to stay up to date with this and that, and inwardly comparing yourself to the “standards” of every other business owner in your feed?

And then, all of a sudden, your confidence takes that almighty dive and you’re in the depths of the content-black-hole where everything you write is not good enough, you don’t like it, and you fear others won’t like it too.  You are worried you’ll be found out for the fraud you really are!

Ah! These negative thoughts. Thanks for the negative thoughts, brain. (You can always rely on your brain for that!). Let’s move on.

To add, you realise you have to churn out business content consistently. You are also accountable to others, and you have to keep it all within a tight schedule while you have this productivity problem.

My friend, I want to assure you that you are not alone here and this scenario above was a part of a conversation one of my editing clients had with me recently.

And I have to tell you – like I told her – these thoughts are simply not true.

The woman I was speaking with has had an amazing 20+-year career as a corporate boss and is known in her circles as the systems and processes queen. She has won quite a few awards, has managed large teams and knows how to build a business successfully.

But when it comes to business content writing skills, her confidence falls short – and this makes me sad. As I am reading her content, I know she has an incredible knowledge around business building along with systems and processes, but there is a lack of skill and finesse when it comes to getting that message out there.

If this sounds like you, I have a few solutions to help.

What I have found is that many (a number that is shockingly large) business owners have three major issues when it comes writing online content:

–       Lack of confidence and the know-how to put yourself out there in a way that’s not “salesy” and annoying.

–       Lack of consistency – you can be so awesome with your content and then ghost the social scene for days, weeks or months!

–       Lack of real results from your business content writing efforts – this one it the pits because you are putting so much time, energy and money into your content but you’re not seeing a return on investment (ROI matters).

So I have created 3 -specific pointers for small business owners wanting to find more confidence in their online content voice. This will help you attract potential clients and make more money.

If this sounds like you, I have a few solutions to help.

1.     Keep learning

One of the best ways to overcome your fears is to keep educating yourself. Take a course, get a mentor. Or, if you need the specific tips on how to boost your confidence online, I’ve got a free webinar coming up on June 19 at 7pm. This webinar is for business owners who want to learn how to get themselves out there with ease.

2.     Practice makes you awesome!

When I wrote my books, I got myself an editor. When we complete a client’s content, it goes straight to an editor. My content goes to an editor too. An Editor makes content better! Why wouldn’t you have an editor? 

You have to practice to get awesome at something – just like your favourite sportsperson or singer – and just like you do in business. The best way to do this is to keep writing but quickly get an editor on board to show you where you can improve your content.

3.     Get some extra help

If time is a key issue for you because you are a busy business owner, getting some help with your content might be the way to go. And I’m excited to let you know for the first time ever(this is a brand new offering with limited spots available for the foreseeable future) that we have a new blog writing and social media writing service for you where you get a dedicated *Brand Angel* – someone to help you get your content written for you easily.

Take a look here at all the things that you get included in your monthly package.

My friend, there is no doubt that business content writing will always remain the mainstay and is the future of business. There has never been a better time to start creating content that really works.

These three options are your best bet at content writing success for beginners to established business owners, whatever budget and skills you have.

So let’s get this content journey fired up!

More on the Confidence Webinar​

One of the biggest topics business owners talk to me about is confidence and not having enough of it to put themselves out there – especially when it comes to content.

Is your confidence factor holding you and your business back? 

If this is you or someone you know, I’ve put together a free webinar on JUNE 19 at 7pm (AEST time)  for business owners who are struggling to put themselves out there online because:

– You don’t believe your content is good enough

– You don’t feel confident promoting yourself or your business 

– You feel your content writing ability and skills are holding you back

– And you’re looking for a way to change this.

 In this webinar: I will teach you 5 contract strategies to put yourself out there with more CONFIDENCE.

One of the ways to get more confidence is to just take the first step  – and that’s this webinar.

If you’d like more confidence, leads, clients, sales and opportunities this year. Join me. 

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