Connected content: The importance of conversation

importance of conversation

QUESTION: When was the last time you had a really great conversation with someone – online or offline?

We were at Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland, Australia, recently and I met a woman named Vicky. She is an artist, photographer and soon-to-be published author from Victoria and is driving around Australia writing a book on sacred Australian Indigenous sites.

What’s the importance of conversation? 

Well, we had such a great conversation, I remembered all that about her and was able to relay it to you quickly and easily, so now you have a good understanding about who Vicky is, what’s important to her, what she does, where she’s headed and what’s in store for her (I haven’t actually given you all the info, but your brain will draw its own conclusions!}.

>>> Wouldn’t it be great if someone talked like that about your business?

Vicky actually overheard my conversation with another traveller and joined in, we got talking and she shared so much history about Carnarvon Gorge with us as we walked and talked.

I asked her stacks of questions and she gave me heaps of information. Later she showed us how she was travelling, her car and all these cool pieces of tech that were helping make her life easier on the road.

We exchanged numbers and will follow each other’s journeys.

PS – she is not on social media so we have to converse the old-fashioned way by text messaging and calling each other!

The importance of conversations

Having conversations and the importance of those conversations is a key factor to having success within your business.


Because we are conversing all the time about our businesses – and also especially online – but at networking events, in sales calls and with friends and family.

Every post you schedule, every comment you make, every person you tag … all important, and all opportunities to converse with your followers and potential and current clients.

Doing it in person can be easier (for some people, anyway), but we also need to be creating Connected Content that speaks to our audience, is meaningful and has an impact on them.

Jump online and start a conversation

First thing’s first … I have a challenge for you … I want you to jump online right now and start a conversation. You can do this to your database, you can do it on your personal Facebook page, or you can do a live video.

However you want to do it – just start a conversation, even if it is one sided at this point.

One of the big things with the importance of conversation in your content is just getting started. Simply ask a question and let the conversation flow.

If you were seeing your girlfriends for lunch what would you ask them? “How are you, what have you been up to?”.

Where to share your Connected Content

Different platforms allow for varying degrees of conversation. But here are some tips on sharing Connected Content.

  1. Live video – allows you to ask questions and ask people to do things like comment, share information and so on in real time. It’s a gold mine for information that you can use in other posts, especially if you are asking question about problems people are having.
  2. Comments – you can have great conversations with people by just replying to their comments and asking questions. This is a great one to keep the connection going. Of course, you’d only keep asking questions if it felt right and is necessary.
  3.  Social media groups – you’ll notice that Facebook is all about conversations and has a “conversation starter” badge it gives to people in groups who are frequent conversation starters. That’s social proof enough of the importance of conversations!

It’s all about building rapport

That’s the number one aim of having a connected conversation through your content. Here’s how to build more rapport with conversational content. 

  • Asking and answering questions – a big one for engagement!
  • Telling stories – like the one in this post about Vicky (have you got a Vicky story?
  • Facts and research – these are great talking points. 
  • Sharing information about yourself – this will help people to get to know you.
  • Sharing your knowledge – by being useful and helpful your audience will be more inclined to engage with you.
  • Having an opinion – wow, be careful with this one as sometimes opinions can get out of hand when you may not mean for the conversation to go that way (the wrong way!).


Connected Content is key to writing content online that engages people and gets them to interact. When you interact with people through conversations, asking questions, sharing great information and personal details – you will have more success with your words and get a better quality outcome – more leads, sales and clients.

Find it hard to come up with ideas and topics for your content?

Content is not going anywhere any time soon and if you’ve been trying to write content but it’s just not enticing your ideal customers to engage, click or buy (or actually do anything at all) … I’ve got something for you!

Not knowing what to write about and how to write it  is a common issue so many business owners have.

Coming up with ideas and topics to write about can be really difficult and TIME-CONSUMING!

So, I’ve got something for you that’s going to really help you with these 3 key problems:

  1. You don’t know what to write about so you procrastinate.
  2. You don’t know  how to write it  in a way that will get engagement.
  3. It’s taking you way too much time to write (which costs you money)
importance of conversation

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