Confessions of a content writer: 12 career highlights

So, I had a major meltdown on December 31 when I was on holiday in Bali.

It started when I woke up and didn’t end until about 3pm, after a heart meal, 75 eps of True Blood, an hour-long debrief with my mum, a pep message from my bestie, a lot of writing down my feelings and putting a plan in place to help my brain get through it.

You see, miraculously  I’d realised 2015 was going to be no different to 2014 if I didn’t make it that way. It’s a pretty easy notion and after I’d finished having a moment, I remembered all the plans I had in place and everything I’d been working last year to get my biz to a point to make 2015 a great year. I’d forgotten all that – briefly.

Going into a new year can do crazy things to people. I was left wondering had I done enough work in 2014, was I even enough, could I really do this, what the hell was I even doing? It was a moment of weakness.

I’m sure you’ve been there too. Have you ever felt that way…where you’ve been really hard on yourself? The pressure we put on ourselves is incredible.

Anyway, after some reflection, I realised I achieved a hell of a lot last year – not only in my biz, but also in my personal life. Um, I was in a pantomime!

I also wrote a book that’s about to be published, finished a business course, started writing two online courses, launched an ebook in my other business Makeup Media Marketing, delivered an business boot camp e-course for MMM, went on an overseas adventure, moved house, did some domestic travel, went bungee jumping, plus a host of other normal everyday stuff.

I think it’s important to write it all down, so we can revisit our achievements when we are feeling down in the dumps to remember exactly what we have done so we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back into it. We are enough!

That’s why I’ve also written these down – they are my 12 career highlights. I think it’s a nice way to look back and celebrate the hard work. What do you think?

Content writing: 12 career highlights

  1. Graduating uni as one of the only ones in my class who had a journalism job.
  2. My first job in the media. I did everything possibly imaginable to learn as much as I could around writing, advertising, printing, layouts, features and editing.
  3. I started my own fashion and beauty monthly feature at the Goondiwindi Argus and sold the ads myself, upselling clients to bigger ads and putting whatever I wanted on those pages editorially. I had free reign and loved it.
  4. Covering the big stories and having journalists from high-profile media outlets come to me to get to local cops, ambos and firies because of the contacts and relationships I had. I was chuffed.
  5. Moving to Gold Coast and getting multiple promotions within News Limited.
  6. Leaving the media and starting my own biz. I actually started EC Writing Services as a side project for extra shoe money, I also wasn’t writing as much being an editor and I missed it. So I started a writing business, of course.
  7. Getting my first client and sale. Then getting my biggest client and sale of $18k for about six weeks work.
  8. Writing my book – Wow Words on the Web.
  9. Starting my second biz – Makeup Media Marketing
  10. Getting back into editing a gloss magazine on the Gold Coast – Get it Magazine – as well as working on my businesses.
  11. Helping small businesses in the fashion and beauty industry look good online and getting the most amazing feedback from them.
  12. Mentoring writers into their dream jobs and now coaching small businesses about how to make their content writing rock and get results.

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