Take on the voice in your head … and win!

take on the voice in your head and get out of your comfort zone EC Writing Services Elizabeth Campbell, The Word Stylist

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As seen on FlyingSolo.com.au where Elizabeth Campbell is a regular contributor. Here she find out that running events is next level when it comes to marketing your business and discovered it’s a whole new ball game when it comes to facing your fears and the voice in your head.


This was it. The big night. The night to end all nights. My first time hosting an event. I’d started a networking group and we were catching up for the first time – in person. Shock. Horror!

I’d planned and promoted. Promoted and planned. Promoted. Promoted. Promoted.

It was around that time that the voice in my head piped up for the first time.

You haven’t promoted it enough. It’s going to be a flop.

Fun fact: When running an event you should spend 80% of your time promoting it, 15% on profits and 5% on your presentation. Had I spent 80% of my time promoting it? Well it was too late to decide I hadn’t.

“I wanted to cancel it. It wouldn’t really matter, would it? I could fake an injury. “

On the day of the event I felt sick. (In fact, all week leading up to the Thursday night soiree I felt ill.)

I wanted to cancel it. It wouldn’t really matter, would it? I could fake an injury.

But it would matter to the people who had taken the time to RSVP – and it would matter to me.

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I was up at the crack of dawn because I (was nervous and) had to finish my presentation. (I left that 5% till last of course.)

The rest of the day was spent practising, looking at the RSVP list, printing forms, reminding people to come, getting my speaker’s kit together, packing the car, speaking to my Mum for a pep talk, sorting my outfit, speaking to my bestie for a pep talk and then, finally making the final preparations.

You’ll never be ready for this said the voice in my head.

Then all of a sudden it was 5pm and time to go.

OMG, was I really doing this?

Still time to cancel Liz …

I arrived, met the crew, set up, got a hug from my volunteers, went through my presentation and looked at the door. The room was beautiful and I was getting more and more excited. But still scared no one would show up.

6.10pm arrived and no one had arrived yet. The event started at 6.30pm. Where were the early birds?

No one is coming. This is going to be a huge failure.

Then one person showed up. Then my business friends. Then another stranger, soon to become a friend. And another. And another one. Soon there were 45 people at my first ever networking event.

WOW! I couldn’t believe it. I’d done it!

My fears subsided. The voice in my head quietened down. The night was raging success.

My networking group continues to grow and the events are well received too. It’s such a nice feeling, that feeling of success.

I’m still very new to this side of my business, but I love it and am getting used to how it all works and what I need to do each time to make each one better than the last.



Tell me your biggest fear in business. What’s holding you back from dreaming bigger? Shoot me a comment.

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