Clubhouse, blogging, and tapping: How to actually explode your copywriting abilities

Clubhouse, blogging, and tapping: How to actually explode your copywriting abilities | Elizabeth Campbell

What do clubhouse, blogging, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or tapping for short) have in common?

A lot by the look of things from my first Clubhouse room!

I was over on Clubhouse recently in my first room sharing some blog writing hacks for small business owners with my friend and mindset mentor, Sue Scarrow, but so much more came from the hour we spent together.

We talked about media with Annette Densham, Clubhouse for Newbies with Lisa Monk, overcoming your online fears with SEO copywriter Katie Marshall, Emotional Freedom Technique with Sue and I threw in a few blog writing tips about how to create cool content ideas that push the boundaries of your industry.

Here’s what I shared with the good people of Clubhouse.

How to come up with ideas for your blog and social media

  • Create a topics list that pushes the envelope in your industry, look to see what other industries are doing. I look at lawyers and accountants, home builders, and people who are outside your space. What are they doing that’s different from what you’re doing? 

For example, one of my friends, the Happy Family Lawyer Clarissa Rayward does a lot of cool things with her content that other lawyers may not do or don’t do so I looked at what she does to see if what she’s doing could somehow be replicated in my own way and with what I’m doing. Definitely, not the same, but it could form the basis of an idea that grows from there. 

I had a great idea for content recently with inspiration from the fabulous @Manifestationbabe over on Instagram. She had an affirmation wheel and I saw it and thought it was a cool idea and wondered how I could turn that idea into something for my audience and my industry. 

So I created the Connected Content Wheel of copywriting affirmations where the affirmations inside that wheel relate to content, your business, and your clients. It’s aim is to spark ideas about the cool things that affirmation brings up content-wise so you can create content based on that idea. Link to this post

For example, “I love it when I get clients from my content”.

How can you get more inquiries and leads from your content?

Share testimonials, results, your mistakes, and promotion content. Any number of these ideas for posts will work to help you get more leads and inquiries.

  • Write when you’re inspired – go somewhere that inspires you. Bring on that inspiration and take inspired action! And then write for as long as you feel inspired.
  • Think of your copywriting as a money-making activity – we don’t do this enough. We think of content writing as just another thing we have to do each day, week, or month. But when you start to think about content as a money-making activity it changes the way you approach your content.

Instead of feeling like copywriting is a chore and so time consuming, you would treat it just the same as you would a sales call or a pitch on a webinar. You would give it that much priority. Try it and  watch how your content changes and the results that it gets for you when you prioritise it.

How to overcome your fears online

Online fear shows up in a lot of different ways – what will people think, who am I to share this info?, why would anyone listen to me, what if I get negative comments … the list is endless.

Sometimes you need to give yourself a pep talk; I will often say to myself – you can do it, you got this, what’s the worst that can happen, what’s the best that can happen? And it helps assert my confidence in myself.

Another thing I do is do the task when I first have the thought  … so if a thought pops into my head, “I really should do a video today”,  I stop what I’m doing and do it – so I won’t put it off. 

Work with a professional, like Sue Scarrow, to remove your blocks.  Your future self will thank you!

How to actually explode your business with inquiries…

Guess what? Online success is not about your content! It’s what you do with your blog and written content once you’ve written it.

Let that sink in for a moment!

Once you have created your blog or written a piece of content, that’s when you need to create a simple promotion plan to get your content out. Do the same as what you would do if you were running an event.

Think of your blog like you are trying to fill a webinar … Here’s what you would do:

  • Email your list and send an invitation to join you
  • You’d talk about it on social
  • You’d PM people who might be interested or who you had had conversations with
  • You would post in groups
  • You would let your partners know 

Do you do this with your blog or any written content you have created right now?

Need some help with that?

If you are writing content for your business and it’s not getting results – and you just want more inquiries and CLIENTS from your posts … READ ON!

If this sounds like you…

“Writing a blog takes me 2 hours; I’d love to get that down to 30 minutes.”

“Starting can be hard and I find staying in the flow difficult  too.”

 “I really struggle with planning my content.”

“The hard work for me is the creative slant on my content.”

“I think I know what I’m writing and then when I post I don’t get any clients.”

“Sometimes I get good reach but still get no clients from my posts.”

“I’m not posting enough – I don’t know the right times and days to post.”

“I’m not getting any inquiries from posts that I’ve done before.”

… Don’t waste any more time; stop banging your head against the keyboard – let me guide you through the content maze.

 Content 2 Course content writing program.

The Content 2 Cash content writing program is a complete content writing course for you as a business owners who want easy ways to write content that helps you: 

  • Feel more confident with your writing
  • Stand out online and cut through the noise
  • Save hours of your precious time 

Inside the course, we follow a clear step-by-step framework designed to give you:

  • A crystal clear plan and strategies to get results
  • Writing templates, frameworks, and checklists to get more inquiries from your posts
  • Direct access to your very own content mentor to give you valuable feedback on your work (that’s me!)
  • Techniques to get more inquiries pinging into your inbox and PMs.



I’ve got everything ready for you inside your course membership.

The hard work has been done for you to save time, make sure you know what steps to take next, and reap the rewards of more clients from the very beginning.

If you are writing content for your business and it’s not getting results – and you just want more inquiries from your posts and MORE CLIENTS, check out the Content 2 Cash content writing program today.

And if you have any questions, please email me.

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