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Content writing success stories: Testimonials

We love helping savvy business owners become better content writers so they can serve more people and get the results they crave. We do this strategically through our courses, mentoring program and content writing services. Here are their stories!

MASTER WRITER: Jo Martin, from Sydney, has been one of our mentoring and Content 2 Ca$h 8-week course clients in the last 12 months – and she is impressive! I have been so impressed and inspired by her dedication to content and what she has achieved – website, blog, social media, newsletter, free downloads, email series, and so much more! She is a motivator and I’ve been very fortunate to work with her.

“I knew Liz was the master when it came to shaping content to make it pop and making it read so much better. I invested with Liz because had an idea for a business and I needed to learn how to write so that I could set things up as well as progress in my course content creation. I also wanted to learn how to make things so routine that they become as easy as getting out of bed in the morning.”— with Jo Martin.

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The gorgeous Rebecca Hassett of BLIS Collective, is the leader of a community of brave, luminous, inspiring savvy women, helping them fall in love with the girl in the mirror through her beauty products and services. She is extremely talented!

We have been working with Bec for most of this year as her content mentor as she launches her content and digital assets to the world! She is also one of our course students. Here’s what she says!

“Love your energy, overall vibe, style, background, topics covered and professionalism. I want to learn and always want more content ideas to attract, engage and offer value to gain and retain clients, and that’s why I came to you. I also needed help to streamline and simplify my business content practices. Thank you!”

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Mark Barnes testimonial EC Writing Services

Mark Barnes, the spend planner and money mentor, is committed to content. Mark signed up for our Wow Words content planning and writing course and then engaged us to write some landing pages, social media posts, download and other content. We worked out his goals, looked at the content needed, got a plan in place and then got to work. Business is better when you commit to content. Here’s what he said about the Wow Words course:

“The course has been helpful in it has focused my attention more deeply on the people I Iike to help and how I like to help them. I am now also reflecting in more detail on who I am and how I want to help people. The writing workshop was the best two hours and of fantastic value. I am so, so glad I took the time out for it! Thank you!” – Mark Barnes

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