Change is in the air and my stomach is flipping out!

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My stomach has been flipping out lately…do you ever get that? Over the years of content writing, courses, divorce, clients, business growth, relationships and partnerships, I have come to realise this is in fact my intuition.

It goes nuts when I make changes.

This year I decided to take a back step from everything I was doing … my business is set up (and still getting set up) for me to do that and lead the life I have always wanted!

Although, I’ve felt weird because I haven’t been ‘here, there and everywhere’, like I was last year, but that’s what I wanted and I’ve actually enjoyed having some time myself … now I  just take days off and I can get my hair done, and I can spend time wiht my friends and my new man! #wowlife

It’s a great place to be and I’m really happy.

This year I ended my relationship with my online content writing agency and we decided to go online more … we are adding and will be adding more programs and courses to is Wow School Global the teaching arm of EC Writing Services.

At present we are working on our new 8-week online writing course  to take your online profile and presence from NOW to WOW!

It follows my 5 STAR “Content to Cash” method … and it is amazing!

We are launching soon and while I haven’t done any crazy promo on it (that is coming!) and we have already sold spaces into the our new program!

I wanted a lifestyle business that allowed me to work from anywhere in the world whenever I liked, so while we are still running some face-to-face events, I’m not running many of them, preferring to go online. The face-to-face events will be more exclusive and tailored to the group.

Now I had some reservations…would people follow me online? Would it still work? Could I still use the same business model? What if no one wanted what I was offering?

That’s why my stomach has been flipping out. But I have realised it’s just ‘us’ getting excited for what’s to come!

I did a lot of research in the last year and about 90 per cent of people wanted what I had but in a online version.

What it boiled down for me and my business besties was education and training myself, them and others as to how I can help – because I know I can.

The programs, including the 8-week online writing course, is designed to make you into a STAR content writer so you can really stand out, share your message and have an impact on the world. The rest of it, the leads, opportunities and sales come once you know how to content that connects.

Many people also told me it wasn’t the right time for me and it wasn’t going to work because it hadn’t worked for so and so … so I said …

WHATEVER! And did it anyway.

Business is about risks and taking them. Whether it is a new writing course, a business coach that cost you thousands, a new product line or just taking your business in a different direction. We need to take a chance and back ourselves that it will work.

And you know, if it doesn’t at least you can say you tried and try something different. That’s what being an entrepreneur is about.

But I think if you have the heart and the soul, you will make anything work.

Let’s commit to being the best business owners we can and creating products that will change the world … one piece of content at a time!

>>> If you are interested in joining the #wowlife journey, let’s have a STAR Disco session and see if any of my writing courses and products are the right fit for you! Check out WOW School. 

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