15+ benefits of a business expo: Why not try one?!

3 things to get more leads this new fin year! with Elizabeth Campbell

Marketing. There are so many things you can do, and so many people telling you do this, do that, try this, try that. But how do you know what really works?

Well, you don’t until you try something!

Let me share some of the best things that have worked for us when it comes to that word … MARKETING!

1. Webinars and live videos – great for engagement online
2. Written online content – great for credibility and building your profile to show expertise
3. Face-to-face networking and business expos – great for connection and relationships

These are the areas we focus on to drive leads into the business.

The one I want to talk with you about today is “Number 3” and attending a business expo because you know how much I love me an expo!

First, here are the top benefits of networking and business expos that I have experienced:
⏰highly targeted business leads
⏰learn more about your business besties (target market)
⏰learn more about your products and services and what people actually want from you
⏰strengthen your brand
⏰build your profile
⏰m​​​​​​​ore sales
⏰meet people face to face and have a real conversation
⏰strengthen your connection and relationships with existing customers
⏰learn about other businesses
⏰check out what other businesses are doing that you could implement too
⏰gain industry info
⏰expand your database
⏰devise new lead-generation strategies 
⏰get more engagement
⏰go out to more people in the one place
⏰get people talking about you on social media

Second, the 2019 Moreton Bay Region/North Brisbane Small Business Expo is just around the corner and happening on July 5.

It is the region’s biggest business expo and networking event and I’m proud that EC Writing Services is a sponsor again this year.

This year there will be:

⭐155 exhibition stands – at last year’s expo all stands we taken.

⭐1000 local business professionals at the expos.

Third, if one, some or all of those benefits sound like a great idea to you, why not get an info pack from the link below about how the business expo will benefit you – and join us.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​FOR AN INFO PACK OR QUESTIONS: Call or email Paula Brand on 0475 411 793 or paulabrand@smallbusinessexpos.com.au
I hope to see you there and let me know if you want any more info!

Liz xo

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