Business and content: What’s your plan?

Where to start when it comes to your content journey!

Going into 2019 … I have a question for you: What do you want? That is for your business and your content?

For the longest time, I have been working towards an online business that lets me live what I call “the wow life”.

And, finally, I have a picture to capture the #wowlife … well, my wow life anyway!

This is everything I have been working towards in my business since it all began 5 years ago.

At certain points in that time, I’ve lived it, but I’ve changed my business so much in the last 2-3 years (from 2016-18) that I’ve had to update the way I do things as well … meaning sometimes I didn’t have this life because the business didn’t function well without me.

But this year, in 2018, my team and I have worked around the clock on our systems and processes to make sure the business was reset to work without me again.

And last week that happened so seamlessly (business and content) while I was enjoying some time off over at Fraser Island.

That’s where the picture was taken!

I couldn’t have been prouder!

As we go into 2019, I’m heading in with one theme … ORGANISATION. That takes in delegation and automation.

In 2019, I’ll continue to work on the business more so that it works more and more without me – I think they call that an exit strategy!
Not that I’m going anywhere, but I can if I want to. And this something all the gurus tell us we should do at the very beginning.

So this blog comes to you with a question … what are going to do differently in 2019?

What’s your grand plan and the specifics behind your goal for your business and your content (the two work in together!)? How will you execute it?

Actually, that was more than one question! I am a journalist after all.

You will thank your future self for spending some time on this now so you can be prepared in January.

If I have learned anything at all in my past 5 years in business, it’s to always ask yourself: What do you want?

Then the universe starts self-organising around you and you focus on your goal to make it happen.

So here are my best 15 tips on organisation for business and content:

  1. Get someone to handle your inbox and have it set up so it works with your schedule and other programs.
  2. Have a project management tool (especially for your content). We use Asana, I’ve tried Trello and others too.
  3. Schedule your social media content. I used to use Buffer and Hootsuite, but prefer to have a team member post organically for me now or schedule inside the apps for better results.
  4. Have a team member in charge to look after things while you are away.
  5. Get a team on board who can handle all the day-to-day tasks. Make sure they are well briefed and everyone knows what they are to do and who they are to work with.
  6. Have their tasks in the project management tool as well.
  7. Have a tool to talk to them through (we use Slack).
  8. Work with your clients so they know how you want to operate your business.
  9. Make sure all of your systems work together. Do they talk to each other?
  10. Delegate as much as you can.
  11. Organise your folders in an easy-to-understand manner and make sure all team has access to it. We use Dropbox.
  12. Restyle your content … how can you save time and get organised so content doesn’t take up your life? Join our Social Media SOS Content Writing Challenge to learn more on this. It’s free. Sign up here
  13. Have a morning ritual for yourself, your business and your content so you always start the day on the right foot.
  14. Leave your desk, emails, “to-accomplish” list and folders neat, tidy and done when you finish each day.
  15. Clean and declutter regularly.

It all is relatively easy but doing it will be another story!

If content organisation is not your forte, and you want to learn how to create content that rocks and gets results, join our Social Media SOS Content Writing Challenge to learn more on this. It’s free. Sign up here.

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