Know your business bestie; your client avatar?

WOW WORDS! Who is your business bestie, who is your Janja, writes Elizabeth Campbell The Word Stylist

OMG, Janja is real person? I have been saying it for more than 12 months, but people are still surprised to learn that my business bestie, Janja, is actually a real person.

It baffles me because isn’t the point of knowing your client avatar or ideal target market and person to have actually worked with some who fits the description?

In every workshop I do or speaking gig I present where I talk about target market, I mention Janja.

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Just so you know, Janja is a real person!

There’s also Abbey and Franceca and Kerry – they are also “Janjas” and they are also real people!

It was really funny the other night after a workshop I have just run in Brisbane. Janja was actually in Brisbane to speak at an event, but not at my workshop.

I mentioned her as I always do in every workshop.

Later that night at her speaking gig she did a Facebook live and was so happy, she felt so famous because people who had been at my workshop had gone to the event not knowing the speaker was janja and when they met her were like: OMG you’re Janja … the Janja … the one Liz talks about in her workshops!

Haha on her live she called out to me and was so excited and said she felt so famous! How funny and truly awesome for her.

Now, on that note, I want to touch again on why knowing your business bestie will help you with your content writing and blogging.

Of course, it is Marketing 101 that we need to know out client avatar. But when it comes to your words and writing I have a different take on it.

And this is why I have been able to attract more and more “Janjas” in to my Wow School and why I get to work with the coolest people on the planet.

When you know your business bestie you can use their WOW words in your content to take the reader on a journey from the headline to the call to action in record time.

So I know Janja inside and out … I just about know everything about her (that I need to in a business sense and without being creepy!) … I actually stalk her to find the words she uses and anything else that may be important to her that I could possibly use in my content to engage, educate and entertain her – and anyone else like her.

I even ask her what troubles she is having or what she wants to know when it comes to blogging and writing.

You be strategic about bolding or italicising those words to quickly capture your “Janjas” eyes and keep them moving down the page to your call to action.

That’s one of biggest tips when it comes to getting people to take action and getting more  leads from your blogs.

How funny when one of the guys at the event Janja was speaking at called me on Saturday afternoon to say he met Janja.

Michael: “I didn’t realise she was a real person, Liz.”

Me: I told you she was!

Michael: I know, but I didn’t really believe you!

Me: Really? Michael, I’m not that sort of journalist! I was telling you the truth!

Anyway, the moral to this story is to absolutely 100 per cent know your client avatar, target market, business bestie or what you want to call them … intimately!

It will only work in your favour.


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