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We are always asked … Is there an art to blog content writing and how do you get engagement on social media?

Yes, and so we’ve summarised blog content writing and getting engagement on social media into the following tips for you:

  • Know what your audience wants to read about and just give them what they want.
  • If you don’t know, just ask your target market – then write about that.
  • Be passionate, positive and honest about your topic.
  • Write blog content every week even if it is a short post with a photo or video.
  • Have some material ready to go so you aren’t scrambling every time – restyle from social posts.
  • Give tips and useful information, or an entertainment factor.
  • Have fun with your blog content!

The other big question is: Why do I need a blog?

A blog is a very important and essential part of your website, and form of communication to your business besties. And if you don’t have a blog … you need one NOW!

A blog’s core job is to help get people toyour site and then keep readers there consuming and feastong on your words, while also entertaining the search engines and covering your SEO requirements so you get found online and social by your Business Besties.

ENTER THE BRAND ANGELS (they do to content what Charlie’s Angels do in the movies!)

Brand Angels blog and social media writing service


Blog content writing and social media planning and writing are done for you at a monthly rate. Very competitive. No contracts, cancel any time. Inquire within!

The monthly package includes:

– 2 x blogs

– 12 x social content pieces per month – 3 per week (let us know what platform)

– 1 x promotion-specific post for social per week

– Blog promotion posts

– 1 x social media weekly plan

– 1 x social media monthly plan

– Client questionnaire

– Image suggestions

This will save you at least 5-10+ hours per week = up to 40+ hours per month for an extremely “say yes” price tag.


The biggest issues facing you as a business owner…

Nine times out of 10 our customers engage us to ghost blog for them. That means we write your blog and you post them as if they are your own. Win-win!

Sadly, the biggest problem people have is TIME … you just don’t have enough time to do it yourself.

The second biggest problem, if it’s not a time factor thing, it’s skills-based … you don’t know HOW to write.

>> And quite frankly you don’t want to learn how to write either. You just want someone to do it for you!



Other reasons why business owners engage us to write is because you:

  • Know what you want to say, but can’t get it out in the form of the written word.
  • Don’t have enough time to sit down and write your web content, but want to maintain a regular blog and presence online.
  • Have written about the same subject for years and need some fresh ideas and thoughts.
  • Just want someone else to do it.
  • Have no idea where to start.



Kind word alert

Thank you for all your hard work and great ideas, it’s great when you find someone who actually cares about your business, it makes it a lot easier to achieve the results we were after when you have someone as positive as you are. I look forward to working with you more in the future as my business grows.

Scott Dawson, owner, Compliments Picture Framing 

We LOVE writing – and everything associated with it!
If you are a busy business owner and you know the importance of blog content writing and maintaining a professional profile and presence online, and you need a hand, just let us know.
Let’s have a chat about what you’d like to get done when it comes to web content writing and setting up a blog, and what it might look like for you to work with us!