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This is the beautiful Trinity Beach in Cairns, where I’ve been working

Many small business owners I speak with are setting their businesses up so they can work from anywhere in the world.

Me too.

I want to blog in the Bahamas.

Do content writing in Cuba.

Schedule newsletters in Norway and social media in Switzerland.

Email and write ebooks in Equador.

Oh, imagine it, will you! Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Well, that’s my plan. And I’m not alone.

I was only at a Roger Hamilton event last month and he was teaching this to small business owners.

But…there are some things I need to organise to get it up to scratch.

First of all, I’m sick of my computer dying on me after only four hours…it’s heavy too. It does promote having big guns though, AKA biceps.

But I’d prefer to keep my workout for the gym.

My portable laptop charger has just arrived. It will also cover off my iPhone. So no more dead laptop when I’m in the middle of writing a blog in Bali…or was that the Bahamas?!

I get everything backed up to the cloud and I have portable hard drive.

I have Dropbox and Basecamp…I’m in the process of setting up my clients in Basecamp to eliminate the hundreds of emails I get. My inbox scares me.

I’ve got portable WIFI covered too but use free whenever possible so I can blog.

I’ve got all my chords packed away in a neat little beauty case, naturally.

And have the coolest portable office … it’s a yellow and silver leather tote that doubles a beach bag. Amen.


Have I forgotten anything on my quest to be a global citizen? Shoot me a message, email or send me a Facebook note.



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