Are you writing foundational and growth content?

Beat the SOS (shiny object syndrome) and start writing GREAT content today!

Let me ask you a question … Do you think of your online copy as growth content and money in the bank? Or is it a huge pain in the backside for you and your team, and you just find it utterly annoying and time-consuming?

Oooh, two different trains of thought with two completely different outcomes.

Scenario 1: You see content as money (more income) and you get the results you desire, you stand out online, you have unlimited leads, more people following you, more engagement on social media, and an abundance of clients waiting to work with you.

Outcome: Happy face! More time, money, and freedom to do more of what you love {sooner} – whatever that looks like for you. 

Scenario 2: Content is one heck of a headache, it’s time-consuming, you rarely get the results you desire, you do sometimes, but it’s inconsistent, you put your heart and soul into creating your words and images only for it to fall flat on its face and leave your screaming “I just want consistent clients!”.

Outcome: Sad face. Overwhelmed, hard work, frustration, and content that doesn’t work.

There is so much information out there about what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your online content that it can be overwhelming. It can also play into Shiny Object Syndrome if you happen to suffer from that. Why? Because you may not be giving your content a chance to work before flitting off to try another strategy because such-and-such said it works.

Where most business owners start when it comes to content

Generally, people start with social media and then realise they need a website, blog, videos, landing pages, emails, a newsletter, and so on. So they start there and eventually tack on all the other components needed to run a successful business. It may not look pretty and it may not be efficient, but it’s sorted.

They take on suggestions from others in business about events, speaking, media, a podcast, this tactic, that strategy, etc, etc, etc.

Finally, they realise there’s so much to learn and know and they need help yesterday! 

Here’s the HOT TIP: Create your strategy, stay on your path and give it time to work. 

REAL TRUTH: There is plenty of time and you don’t have to do everything now! In fact, it’s in your best interests not to. You want to give each strategy a chance to work, tweaking it as you go, and understanding what’s right for you.

For example, social media does work. It works to get leads and sales. But in this day and age where people are savvier and consuming content like their favourite wine, you need more than just social media to build a business and an online presence that has staying power.

The two overarching areas of digital assets: Foundational and growth content

There are two incredibly important areas you need to cover with your content assets so it works: Foundational content and growth content. NOTE: Content assets are pieces of content that help you achieve your business goals, for example, a website, social media profiles, blog and so on.

  • Foundational Content: What every business leader needs to build their credibility, showcase value and build trust with their audience and potential clients, this includes having a website, blog (or long-form value content) and social media.
  • Growth Content: What every business needs to grow and get results. Growth content assets in the digital world and when it comes to content help to position you as a leader, while also showcasing your products, services, content, and business in a way that generates unlimited leads and an abundance of clients. These include a promotion post, lead magnet, landing page, email series/sequence/blasts, and newsletters. 

Hence, social media isn’t the answer, it’s just one component.

Now this took me years to realise and years to implement. But you don’t have to wait that long.

Content is a journey – we’re all on it!

In the beginning, I started with social media – a Facebook personal account and a business page.  

I didn’t have landing pages or go-to strategies as I do now … why would I? I was just starting my content journey. 

I built a very modest website in Wix, which I updated in Wix a year later and then I updated again to WordPress a year after that. I’ve had the same website for 5+ years and update it continually.

After the website, I started putting myself out there with guest blogs and articles in trade magazines. Then I started my own blogging journey. After that, I learned how to promote my content, rather than myself or my business in a way that made people want to download my offerings. I promoted my content in groups and by boosting posts.

You see, it’s a journey and that’s what you must realise for your content to transform your business. It doesn’t happen overnight, it isn’t short and sweet, you can’t post and forget it. It takes time, work, and commitment.

It is like anything important to you – your marriage, your kids, your health and fitness. If losing weight was easy, everyone would have bodies like Victoria’s Secret models! Maybe not, but you get what I’m saying, right?

Now I have Facebook ads, landing pages, and a winning email marketing strategy and platform – and a list of go-to strategies I can use any day of the week to get leads and, most importantly, sales. 

I’ll share this with you in my upcoming Writing For Results online copywriting course. It has taken me 8+ years in business and 20+ years as a practising journalist and content writer to do this! 

Yes, there’s work. But it doesn’t have to be hard work. Unless of course, you are trying to do all the things right now, then I’m sure your head will be ready to explode! 

So my best advice is to stop saying it’s hard, it’s time-consuming, and it doesn’t work for me … and flip your mindset to a Content 2 Clients frame of mind, one where content = leads, money, clients, and opportunities, and start putting that energy out there when you post.

Watch the growth content magic unfold!

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