Be a thought leader and deliver a message of hope

Thought leadership

The COVD-19 pandemic has been a massive disruption to lives, businesses and economies around the world. That’s no secret.

And while we might be moving out of the isolation and as borders start to reopen (here in Australia), it might be easy to forget the magnitude of what has happened, especially if you’ve pivoted successfully or created something new that is working well at this present time.

The question remains – how can you be a thought leader and deliver a message of hope?

Because many businesses owners haven’t been so lucky and even as the situation continues to unfold, many now find themselves with an array of new problems.

Not only have they lost business, customers and clients, but they might have put off team members and contractors once used to help the business grow because of lacking funds.

Now as we start to get back into life as we (kind of) knew it, business owners are having to start again, adding team members back on staff, creating new products and services and looking at ways to grow their business in what is being called the “new normal”.

As new industries emerge and traditional industries flail many people are now asking the question – What do I do now?

Over in our Wow School Global Facebook group, we recently received a question from one of our students – and it was a cry for help.

You could feel the emotion running through the words from someone who was at a loss on what to do to keep things alive and thriving. 

I’m so happy that they reached out to us with this pressing question. I know this business owner isn’t the only one with these questions and thoughts, so I have decided to elaborate my thoughts on it, for you and every biz buddy you know who is trapped in the grasps of uncertainty (so please feel free to share this post).

The question we received was: “My industry is almost non-existent due to the COVID pandemic. I’m in the live events business and it is being predicted that it will face the same fate as the newspaper industry. In these turbulent times, how can I create and deliver a message of hope?”

What I personally believe about the live events industry is – people will always want to go out, connect in person and experience new offerings as soon as possible.

Sports, music, art, theatre, comedy, conferences and every other live event offers different value than convenience and accessibility of online events. Even though we have embraced the current way of life, many crave what we now think of as “the good old days”- and we will get back there. Already, we are seeing more and more restrictions being lifted and events starting to open up again.

Both online and live events are unique in their own ways and offer different benefits to different groups of people. When eBooks shook up the world, it did not mean no one ever bought a hard-copy book again. 

A message for every business owner feeling the stress

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, Philosopher and Poet
  1. It is fear-mongering, don’t buy into it

No doubt, business owners struggle to think about the next steps in all of this chaos. If you feel confused, overwhelmed and anxious when you read what people are saying on the news, TV and social media, stop exposing yourself to it, take some time off and breathe. Look at it from a different angle as a thought leader and explore what could lie ahead aside from doomsday.

When it comes to your own messages of hope, ask yourself:

  • What do you think of your industry and what’s happening in it?
  • Have you listed out your thoughts from a positive perspective?  
  • What can you do differently in your business to get through and thrive in our current climate? 

We have been hearing about the impending death of the newspaper industry for years now, and while there have been advancements in recent months, they are still around and it’s not dead yet. 

2. It is time for change

You have always been training yourself for this moment because you have always had challenges. While this one might be a heck of a lot different to what we have ever experienced, you do have experiences to draw on. So think about your next move and don’t be hasty (but don’t stand still either). Make decisions from a positive frame of mind as a thought leader and seek expert help to guide you.

Use the situation to your advantage as much as you can and think outside the box. For example, Uber Eats, Zomato and Swiggy, all food delivery businesses quickly adapted to the changing times and turned to grocery delivery and many businesses started using drones. Meanwhile, live events found ways to get online instead and opened up new suites of products and services to help their clients… 

Ask yourself, how can you leverage the situation?  

3. Your message

Are you still conveying the same message as you were before the pandemic? If you have a new message, is it on point? A lot can change when you take charge of a situation and share an empowering message that takes away fear and instils a positive future.

Your audience is looking to you for answers – so give them positive ones as a thought leader. If you are still prepared to stand by your industry, let them know that through your content.

Share some inspiring thoughts with your community about what you believe will happen, why you are optimistic about the future and show up as the leader that you truly are

4. Create new maxims

When you renew your message, how are you going to communicate it to the world? Create personal and positive catchphrases, quotes or maxims that will make it easy for people to remember and understand. Celebrities, comedians, politicians, writers and even successful leaders have catchphrases and quotes that strike the right note with their community.

As a leader, are you saying the right thing at the right time to drive your business, industry and community to believe in good times?  

Take inspiration from the brands that have done it before. Like, Apple’s “Think Different”.

5. Change your mindset

We all are in dire need of a change of mindset. Having a strong and positive mindset helps to keep you from being affected by what’s going on around you. Many industries including the live events industry are not where they expected to be, but it does not mean they are all doomed either. Just because online food delivery has picked up pace in recent times, does not mean we don’t want to go out and eat!

Get down to business, be a thought leader and do everything you can to innovate. There is always a way out and you need to find it to create a lasting and evolving impact.

It’s time to put an end to counterproductive habits and transform your mindset. Find an antidote to any negativity you may be feeling and indulge in what makes you happy and optimistic. Train yourself and your thoughts. 

Here are three positive affirmations you can add to your morning routine to get through these challenging times and create content with impact.

1. I believe in my strength and ability in business and my content reflects this.

2. I am confident we will get through this and I must keep a calm and positive mindset.

3. I have amazing content to share and people love what I have to say.

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