Ever wondered if your content is just plain annoying?

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But I don’t want to be annoying … people will think I’m annoying … putting out regular content will be annoying for people on my list. I’m hearing you!

Can you see the pattern here? “Annoying content” is a valid concern for business owners publishing online content and gosh only knows we are all guilty of being annoying online to some degree.

Let me tell you a little story. Back in the day, when I didn’t know any better, I smashed my email list with reminder emails for an event I was hosting. I emailed every day, even a couple of times per day because I had forgotten to promote it and I had a speaker coming along with only 4 RSVPs. 

I was in panic mode and I tried to push that issue on to my email list – and it wasn’t their fault that I forgot to promote the event. Well, in the end, I had 80 RSVPs and 50 people show up with 4 days of free promotion. But I lost over 100 people who were on my list. They unsubscribed. It was a short-term gain.

The consensus … Annoying content!

The consensus – I was annoying them with too many emails (and they told me in so many words and by clicking the unsubscribe button!

OK, so I get it. But you can still put out regular content without annoying your readers and that’s just one of the insights I want you to take away from this blog post.

Here are the other content writing insights that may surprise you about EVERYONE who writes and publishes their own content. 

1. Everyone has a degree of fear when posting online

Even if they don’t know it, even the biggest stars in the online world have fears about putting themselves out there online. Why don’t you ask them?

I wrote a blog on the fears all business owners have when it comes to putting themselves out there online.  Check it out here.

It can feel uncomfortable, scary, frustrating, and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Content can be connected and fun – and it can help you grow your business and online profile.

2. All business owners make mistakes with their content

Ah, I can’t tell you how many mistakes I’ve made with my content and putting myself out there.

TRUE STORY: Did you know, in my very first workshop, I almost sabotaged it because I was so scared no one would come to it that I turned off the purchase button on the sales page? It was only corrected when the promoter and venue host called me to ask what was wrong? 

I turned it back on and we had 20 people at my first paid workshop!

Imagine if I had let my fear get in my way!

3. We’ve all said something ‘dumb’ (and written annoying content!)!

At one time or another, I bet you’ve walked away from a conversation or even a messaging chat online thinking, “man, that was dumb!”. Admit it!  You only have to look at people on reality TV or celebs being interviewed to realise we say silly things all the time – it’s totally natural and normal! Some people will call themselves out and say “OMG, I don’t even know why I said that!” And others will make a joke of it. 

The common misconception about putting yourself out there online is that you have to say the right things at the right time every day of the week – and that’s just not humanly possible.

It’s so much easier with written content because you can vet yourself and your Wow Words(TM) . You can have a proofreader go over it for you or you can have a trusted acquaintance to look at it for you (and tell you if you are writing annoying content!).

4. Not all content will get you a result

Let’s determine what a result is. Most times, when I ask business owners this, they say leads, sales and clients – or a derivative of one of those things!

Now based on that description, not all content is designed to get you a “result”.

And the big point to make here is that not all content should get a result. Some content is designed just to share, connect, inform, and engage. And that’s perfectly fine. Your audience needs that from you too.

5. Great content takes time and skills

I’m sorry (not sorry!) but every successful content creator online will tell you that amazing content, a winning online presence, unlimited leads, and an abundance of clients from your content just takes time, honing your skills, and consistently showing up online.

And that’s the honest truth. There are what I call “Results Boosters” that you can implement to fast track the results, but in essence, these are the three keys to success.

So commit time to your content! 

6. The winners online keep perfecting their skills – even if they don’t tell you!

You’ve got skills, girl! So use them!

You know how you see those incredible influencers online and they have awesome images, share words of wisdom, receive lots of comments, and people just want more of what they are selling?

They didn’t get there by accident (and they are certainly not writing “annoying content”)!

They invested in their skills. They learned to create amazing content and they did it consistently.

What they don’t know, they learn how or find someone who can help them. It’s as simple as that!

Need to write some Wow Words of your own?

“I love attending Liz’s writing workshop each month and look forward to them knowing that I’ll get a writing assignment, such as a specific social media post, a sales post, or a blog completed. That is satisfying in itself but the best is learning strategies from Liz who is generous, encouraging, and a master. I love the ‘on the spot’ ideas and feedback on my work. My writing has improved out of sight and I now have confidence in expressing my ideas, sharing my voice through my writing. Thanks so much, Liz. See you next month!”

Lauren Bell, The Anxiety Relief Handbook

You too can feel like Lauren (and Moana, Heidi, Gen, Brigid, Jess, Pip, Kim, and Sandra).

Because your content shouldn’t be a drama, it should be easy to write, leave a lasting impression on your audience, and fetch you unlimited leads and an abundance of new clients.

I share how to get results in my Writing For Results copywriting course, which opens soon!

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