All the notes I took at UPW Sydney (you’re welcome!)

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I love learning anything I possibly can … at the present moment I’m doing three courses and just attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within Sydney. So I thought I’d share my personal notes with you!

As we did more internal work, I increased my capacity to learn and write…so each day there are more notes!

Here you go!


Day 1 learnings
  • Give without expectation
  • If I can’t, then I must
  • You can change your state through your physiology, focus and language
  • Fear = false evidence appearing real
  • Dance with your fears, it’s just an energy
  • I am enough and I am loved
  • We are made to serve
  • Influence yourself first, then others
  • People will give in to their values to meet their needs
  • You need to contribute to people’s lives to feel fulfilled, money won’t make you feel fulfilled


Day 2 learnings
  • When you make a change things will get worse before they get better
  • There are only winners and learners
  • Be very specific about what you want
  • Move your body to put yourself in a peak state
  • Give more emphasis on building rapport
  • I love myself
  • I want to be more organised in my life
  • Mastery is 10,000 hours
  • Keep moving forward
  • Nothing of any significance will happen on your own, you need a team
  • Where your focus goes, your energy flows
  • Read the book Talent Code
  • Read the book Mans’ Search for Meaning
  • Help more ppl, earn more money
  • You won’t do something unless you want it badly enough


Day 3 learnings
  • Go after what you want
  • Where you are failing needs to be the first place you start
  • Read the book Unlimited Power
  • 2mm shift makes a huge difference
  • Your strategy is a recipe, what’s your recipe?
  • If you want a particular outcome, find someone who has done it before and work with them
  • Enjoy the process
  • Fear of rejection is the number one fear of humans
  • Live your passion daily
  • Turn “shoulds” into “musts”
  • Little things don’t mean little, they mean everything!
  • Raise your standards
  • When you’re outstanding, you never settle
  • If I can’t then I must and if I must then I can and I will!
  • Life is a gift
  • Leaders anticipate, losers react
  • Repetition is the mother of all skill
  • Complexity is the enemy of execution
  • How can you make money while you sleep?
  • We all have triggers for our finances – what are yours?
  • Who do you want to serve to go to the next level?
  • Re-read Think and Grow Rich


Day 4 learnings
  • Know where you are and create an effective business map
  • How can you add more value?
  • What makes you unique … do you have a wow website?
  • Do I have the right ppl in the right positions?
  • Build a sales team
  • Be constantly anticipating the market
  • Only 3 per cent of businesses make it to the 10-year mark
  • Be constantly updating your systems, processes, team and maximise your resources
  • Constantly create a raving fan culture, employees and clients
  • Watch Shark Tank for innovative ideas
  • Become a volunteer
  • Zig zag – zig most of the time, zag sometimes, eg healthy eating: eat well most of the time, and eat whatever you like some of the time
  • Let experts coach you not tell you what to do
  • Do a speed reading course
  • Get a blood test to analyse your health
  • Cleanse regularly
  • Read the book- As a Man Thinketh
  • When it comes to health use your common sense
  • Your body responds to what you think
  • Health is energy
  • The quality of my cells is the quality of my life
  • The cause of my pain is rarely the source of my pain
  • Eliminate the toxicity in my body
  • Create a different environment, create a different experience

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