Australian Content Writer Elizabeth Campbell

My story: Elizabeth Campbell, a coffee loving content writer & word stylist

Hi, I’m Liz and I’m The Word Stylist and a content writer at heart.

At EC Writing Services and Wow School Global, we work with established businesses (people in business a few years) who are ready to transform their content and business (and, in turn, their life) through the power and beauty of words.

Here’s a little about me – and then let’s meet the Wow Team!

Wow Words Liz Campbell
Liz Campbell EC Writing Services and Wow School Global Keynote speakera

In my world...

👠 My favourite colours are accessories and heels.

🤩 My blood type is energetic.

🍹 Work should be about cocktails and eating out.

🐶 I’m a donator of love and cuddles for puppies.

👛 My favourite pastime is pink.

✨ I have a licence for all things sparkly.

☕ I love to listen to a caramel latte.

👩‍💻 My accessory of the moment is my business.

💄 I’m most at home with a big happy I like to relax with flowers and red lipstick.

🎉 Life is about building a resume of fun.

For as long as I can remember I've loved to write

🤩 I penned my first “book” when I was 4. It was about a runaway $1 coin that got stuck down a drain, swept out to sea, washed up on a shore and eventually found its way back to its owner’s pocket. (I reckon I must have lost a buck and was hopeful I’d find it again).

🤩 Got high scores in English at school.

🤩 Was always in trouble for writing notes to my friends in class.

🤩 I was a published journalist at 14.

🤩 Kept a diary for many years, have always written to-do and pros and cons lists and still write everything down (and I mean everything. I can’t help it!)

Writing has always been my thing. When I decided I wanted to be a journo at 14 that’s what I did and from then on in…

I was hooked. I knew writing was my sole purpose in life and the only “job” I’d ever want.
Liz Campbell EC Writing Services The Word Stylist a writer for 4years old

So I did. I had a wonderful 16-year marriage to the media as an editor and journalist, for international and independent companies, working on fashion and beauty, business and lifestyle products.

EC Writing Services actually began 2011 as my little side venture while I working in the high-profile land of newspapers and magazines as an editor because I wasn’t writing as much as I used to and I missed it {and I wanted more money for shoes and holidays!}

But the business had a mind of its own and really started to take flight at the end of 2012.

So, in March 2013, I made a huge decision – I became, what they call, a corporate escapee and handed in my resignation {which wasn’t without a stress-related mini breakdown, but you know, when one door closes…}

I said bye-bye to newspapers and the media, had a fling with public relations and then gave my undivided and complete attention to a long-term relationship with EC Writing Services as a coffee-drinkin’, shoe lovin’, puppy cuddlin’, adventure-gettin’ content writer – and The Word Stylist.

And it was the best lifestyle decision I've made!

Now I get to focus on you and your content writing needs and wants wherever you are in the world. Location need not be an issue as we have clients all over this great country and the globe.

It’s so awesome that I get to help you create beautiful words for your website, blog, social, newsletter, emails, ebook and profile, help you leave a lasting impression, make sure you stand out from the crowd and help you generate more leads and new clients.

If you are a business owner, coach or course creator and want copy that stands out and gets leads and sales, I would love to be your personal word stylist!