9 tips to make your online content sizzle

EC Writing Services blog April 20 2020

 “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”― Walt Disney

 Yes, a lot is going on right now and, yes, it is an unpredictable time for a business owner.

But it’s also the time for you stand out as the “the rarest and most beautiful” flower of all.

Walt Disney was correct when he coined this quote and that’s why I’m encouraging you to say NO!

 No to bad content.

No to not putting yourself out there online. 

No to not standing out above everything going on in the world.

There is room for you and now is not the time to stop paying attention to your content. It’s the time to start ramping it up.

Now is the perfect time to make your content SIZZLE!

So this week I have 9 tips for you on how up the ante on your content, overhaul it and make it s-s-s-sizzle.

 1. Show gratitude and love

 This week, talk “about” your customers, clients, your team and biz buddies – on social media. 

 – Share some of the amazing work your client have got you to do for them, tag them in your posts and blogs. 

 – Boast about your wonderful team members who are still in the works despite everything that is going on. 

 – If you have entrepreneur friends who might need a little online love, share a few words about what they do and why you think they’re awesome! 

 It is always the right time to show some gratitude and love to strengthen your connections. 

 2. Educate your audience as you learn

 reports and media say that pollution levels are down, the streets are cleaner, our community spirit is stronger than ever and the ozone layer is healing itself. 

 This pandemic is steadily changing the ways of the world and how we do things.

 Staying at home and social distancing has changed one aspect of our everyday lives: Learning, which we are doing more of.    

 Since we have more time on our hands, hundreds of digital courses are affordable online, experts enlightening us through webinars, and more knowledge-hungry people are getting their notebooks out to take valuable notes – and the floor is yours to share your thoughts too.

 You have several social media platforms and a bunch of mediums to choose from: the written word, stories, Instagram’s IGTV, live videos, and so much more. 

 Choose what’s best for you and your business and dish out compelling content. Here’s an idea: 

 – Inform your audience about the changes in your industry. 

 – Working from home: What it means to you, your business and fun tips on how to ace it (or lighten the mood with some bloopers and fails).

 – Grab the attention of your audience with expert tips, how-tos and tutorials.

If you are learning new things – share them and make your content sizzle!

 3. Is your content tactful and relevant?  

 Should I still be posting about my business and products? Is marketing at this time-insensitive? What else can I post instead? 

 Are you in a fix, content-wise? Don’t know what to post? 

 In all this madness, and with so many messages out there, it can be confusing. How do you stay relevant AND curate content that is right for your business?  

 First thing’s first – don’t stop posting! No matter where your business stands right now, prioritise your content marketing and thank me later! 

 And, the right way to do this? Look into your content plan and make the necessary changes – adapt to the situation, adjust your tone, realign your marketing message, empathise, add value, educate, share and help your community focus on the bright side. 

 Is your content empowering your audience? 

 Put yourself in the shoes of your audience before you create a content piece, try to empathise with how they must be feeling and what they would like to read, see or hear more about. 

 Remember the essence of staying updated, current and relevant to stand out with your content.  

 4. Involve your audience in your content

 Show of hands … have you experienced or participated in the online chain of shout-outs, online sessions, knowledge-sharing, and valuable content lately? 

 In the online world, we are selective about what content we wish to consume. If your online community is engaging with your brand, then you are doing something right! 

 It is quite normal for business owners not to know what to post … it’s one of the biggest frustrations people have (and the most common question!) 

 So my best tip is if you don’t know what to post, ask your audience! After all, you are curating it for them and they know what they want. 

 Travel vloggers usually ask for travel suggestions from their followers, a chef may wonder what recipe his audience would be most interested in learning about or a musician may take song suggestions for the next video tutorial. 

 To do this quickly: Send an email to your list, ask your clients for direction, post a poll on Instagram or Facebook or post a question into a group.

5. Content ideas are right under your nose every day

 Creating consistent, useful, engaging and valuable content is no small feat. 

 But as business owners who are on a rollercoaster ride on most days, you might find yourself frustrated when you run out of content ideas. 

 Don’t lose hope, you might not have noticed all the amazing content ideas that have been right under your nose all this time. 

 – Look for inspiration in your everyday work life: your workspace, industry news, fun and interesting work-related stories, and a bit about your business. 

 – Ask your team of wonderful employees what they think. A fresh perspective always helps your content sizzle.

 – Read the comments section: your audience will share their views, questions, thoughts and opinions in the comments. Address their concerns! 

 6. Power your content with technology 

 Do you still pen down your content ideas, to-do lists, reminders, calendar, and content plan? Or is everything saved to the cloud? 

 We are in a global digital phenomenon and all business owners need to catch up on their content systems. 

 Technology makes everything easier (albeit maybe not at the start when you are learning). There are a plethora of apps and online tools available to make content marketing manageable. 

 – Hemingway Editor: wondering if your blog is worth a read? Check the readability score here. 

 – 9square: Has an Instagram puzzle feed been on your to-do list forever? Make it happen with this app.

 – Buffer or Hootsuite: If you haven’t started scheduling posts to be published, you need to start now. Effortlessly schedule content on the go and free up some time.

7. Do you engage with your fellow businesses? 

Hot content tip: Collaborate with a brand, influencer, speaker or industry expert.  

Don’t go content alone, collaborations, partnerships and cross-promotions are the keys for growth: 

 – Create better content with valuable insights from the experts. 

 – It helps you drive more traffic your way (and theirs).

 – Take every opportunity to work with new people for a change of pace and learning.

 – Stay on good terms and continue to do the same in the long term. 

 Next time you plan to go live, why don’t you invite someone to join in on the fun? 

 Don’t forget to promote the event, thank them for being a part of it, tag them in your post, request them to reshare and make some noise. 

8. Socialising through your content 

 You try and try to get your audience to engage with your brand, but do you engage and socialise on social media enough? 

 Simply creating polls and posting questions on stories will not do the trick. Even if you receive only one response, engage with that individual, reply to them, keep the conversation going and build a connection right then! 

 Here are some tips to make your content sizzle: 

 – Always respond to and acknowledge DMs, comments, and reshares. You never know what amazing growth opportunities are hiding in there. 

 – Engage with fellow brands and your audience online. Like, share, comment and tag the awesome profiles you are following as well. 

 – Involve your employees in everything you do online. Request them to spread the word and bring out a team spirit at every turn in your business. 

 There’s a human being behind every brand’s social media profile – take the leap, be different and show off the human side. 

 Have you witnessed brands engaging in funny, witty and unique banter and comebacks? Check out some interesting ideas here.

9. Other ways to make your content sizzle

Words. Words are everything. How are you writing your content? Is it fun and engaging or boring and mediocre? This is one thing that will kill your content in its tracks and that means no leads, no engagement and no sales.

So what do you do? Learn to write creatively. Learn to write differently. Here are my two best tips:

1. Watch other influencers and big brands and see how they write their content. You can take inspiration and ideas from their words.

2. Do a course or workshop to learn how to write engaging content. This will be a skill that continues to serve you over and over again. You can check out our Wow Word content writing course here

Don’t let your content lack sizzle any more!

Lackadaisical – lacking enthusiasm and determination.

AKA – lax!

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