6 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

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Content marketing is constantly evolving and it is essential for growth within any business niche, whether you run a small online stationery business, large clothing brand, a local garden maintenance company, or a big business serving the needs of other businesses.

Marketing that is going to be successful requires a strategic approach, and you need to plan your content marketing well in advance. You also need to remain abreast of the latest content marketing trends.

What are some of the top Trends to Watch in 2017?

  • Mobile Marketing. No matter what you do online, these days it absolutely MUST be optimised for mobile. This means it will load and work across an array of different devices. Why? More and more online interactions and transactions are being completed on smartphones and other mobile devices. Most of us browse the internet via mobile. So from your website to your shopping cart to your blog, it all needs to work perfectly on mobile, whether it be Apple, Android, or Windows-based.  SMS marketing is also big. This includes delivery of coupons, vouchers, smart codes, and short, sharp advertising messages via SMS to an opt-in audience. This audience is receptive to messages and there is no faster or more effective way to get your message across with near perfect open rates.
  • Live Streaming. While recorded video is always going to be popular, websites and social media platforms are really grasping the appeal of live streaming. Platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and SnapChat provide simple-to-use hosting for tutorials, product briefings, event launches and other video content to be viewed in real time.  Visual content is very important in marketing, and live streaming is just another aspect of this.


  • Email Newsletters. In many areas, open rates for email are increasing. Email newsletters are very effective in business-to-business communication and even with consumers, as long as opt-in is adhered to, great content shared in this way will be appreciated.
  • Storytelling via Blogging. Storytelling will become more of a focus in blogging. Blogging is here to stay, but the approach we take to it may need to be tweaked a little. Content for content’s sake is no longer enough to capture and engage a blog audience. You need to tell a story, offer distinct value, and provide content that’s informative and interesting to its audience.
  • Native Advertising. Push advertising is set to be replaced with native advertising. What’s that, I hear you ask? Native advertising is content that appears in an online forum and which on the surface resembles the usual editorial content but is actually a paid advertisement. It will replace pop ups and other annoying adverts of which consumers are weary. Examples include print or online advertorials, sponsored content, branded content, and product placement.
  • User-generated Content. What does your target audience want to see? Interestingly, content made directly by brands is not trusted as much as content created by others. Consumers are savvy enough to know that brands themselves just want to make a dollar, so to speak.

The entire point of content marketing is to build trust. Content that is generated by users will do just that. This is in the form of comments, reviews, social media shares, YouTube videos, and the like. It allows every customer to influence others. Do it right, and your customers will become lead generators for your business!

These are just some of the trends to watch in content marketing. Plan your content in advance, whether it be images for social media posts, topics for your blog, or a plan to stream a live event. Adopt some of these strategies and you will build a loyal and happy audience.

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