5 tips to planning your blog content for amazing results

5 tips to planning your blog content for amazing results | EC Writing Services

Confession: I never knew planning your blog content was important and I didn’t plan mine until recently!

That’s a true fact. I didn’t know I had to (like many other business owners out there). I was new to the world of content and business and even though I had a journalism background – and we have plans for everything – it didn’t register!

In this blog, you will learn … why planning your blog content is important, and how to plan your amazing content in 5 minutes or less.

1. What is a content plan?

A content plan is a simple way to align your content with your business goals and your purpose. Its job is to help you give your audience what they want and need from you and also make sure your copy is always positioning you and your business for success.

Many business owners don’t like planning, don’t know that they need to plan, or find it difficult. However, if you want to get the best results from your content, planning is the key to success.

Remember this: Planned content gets RESULTS!

2. Why do you need a content plan

A content plan is important because it will help you save time, be organised and strategic, and make the writing process easier.

  • Save time: You’ll always know what to write and have your content brainstormed to a degree. You’ll never be stuck or lost for words and you’ll always know what to write about!
  • Be organised and strategic: Having an awesome plan means you’ll be more organised with your content and it will be aligned with your business goals. That’s the number one aim of having a content plan!

DID YOU KNOW: Planning your blog content is more important than actually producing it?!

  • Make the writing process easier: If you find content writing hard, start planning out what you are going to write about. If you don’t know how to get started, start here: Purpose, message, angle, 3x key points of what you want to discuss, and an aligned call to action.

3. How to get started when planning your blog content

Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” Dwight D. Eisenhower, former U.S. President

There are 5 other key areas you can look to when creating your content plan. These include:

  • Habits: Successful writers make content writing a daily habit. Don’t know where to start? Start by writing 200 words a day. This is something the members of the Writing For Results course learn to do!
  • Target audience: I know this one gets thrown around a lot, but that’s because it’s important. Know your audience and know what they want from you – then give it to them! Simple.
  • Wow Words: The words you use all the time like I use amazing, awesome, and incredible. And the words your best clients also use. 
  • Keywords: The words used in your content to help you come up in search.
  • Monthly themes and topics: Relate your monthly themes to what you are trying to get done in your business … for example, if you are launching a new course in January about planning your blog content, publish content on all your platforms about how to plan your content!

A note on posting and publishing your content

  • Knowing when to post: This will depend on your target audience and when they are online – whenever you are online, is when you post! 
  • Where to post: Choose one platform, nail it and post consistently, then move on to the next one if necessary.
  • What time to post: This will also depend on when your audience is online. You post when they are online! Easy!

HOT TIP: Outline all of this in your Editorial Planner (another thing we do together in my Writing For Results course.

What people are saying about the Writing For Results course: 

My writing has improved out of sight and I now have confidence in expressing my ideas, sharing my voice through my writing.” – Lauren Bell, author and wealth coach

Writing for results and planning your blog content

If you are a savvy business owner who wants to learn how to write content that gets results – that is, more leads and inquiries, however, you are having issues with content that takes up way too much time, you’re not following a writing structure and it feels like your content is falling on deaf ears …

Stop right there! You are not alone – it’s perfectly normal.

That’s why I’ve created the Writing For Results course. It’s been designed to help you as a small business owner go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated with your content to being able to write copy quickly and easily.

In this course you will plan, write and leverage your content for maximum impact and results, so you can… grow your business and start doing more of the things you love sooner!

Join the waiting list today for the Writing For Results course next intake.

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