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As a small business owner – whether you are just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional – your content needs to work for you not against you.

Sadly, so much content out there is bad, boring content, slapped together at the last minute because “you have to”.

No wonder you are not getting results, if that’s how your positioning yourself and your business.

Let’s change that and make content FUN!

We get inundated with so much info about online marketing and social media – that’s one of the biggest problems people have – and that can leave us feeling confused and overwhelmed.

With what seems like a heck of a lot of work to do.

So here’s my proven 5-step “Content 2 Cash” writing framework to online content writing success to get more of your desired results – write content that cuts through the noise, get more leads, stand out against all others in your industry, be the thought leader and win more opportunities including clients, speaking gigs and partnerships.

This is not a myth or too hard to reach. This happens every day for me, my clients and the influencers we work and partner with.


Because they harness the power of content writing and they commit to it!

Step 1: Where do I start?

With a plan that saves time and makes writing easy.

Do you regularly sit down to write a social media post without having a plan of attack?

Then you sit there looking at the screen blankly thinking “what the heck am I going to write about?!” Big mistake! This will cost you time and money! 

MY BEST TIP: First of all spend 10 mins on Monday mornings working out what you will talk about. 

For example:

Monday – inspirational quote

Tuesday – tips

Wednesday – lesson

Thursday – blog promo

Friday – fun meme

Then follow my 100% Rule of Content formula: 

30% Lifestyle – be more personal 

30% Business –what you’re working on 

30% Sales – be strategic 

10% WTHYL (Whatever the heck you like!) 

If you are spending too much time trying to write with little success, my new Wow Words Mini Course + Monthly Writing Group is your ticket to content that rocks and gets results.

Step 2: Inject your style into your content ASAP

Are you being you online?

If you are just posting for the heck of it of or because someone told you had to, you may not be getting the results you desire. And I bet you it will come back to one of the above areas.

So what do you do about it? How do you match your style online and off?

* Make sure you know your audience. Everything you do online must be for them and you must have a very clear understanding of who your business bestie is (note, this is more than a target market, it is your best client…what’s their name?).

* You must understand your message (if you don’t know this, we can help you in the Wow Words course + Monthly Writing Membership. This is everything you stand for in business.

* You must know and use your Wow Words (TM) and also your business besties’ Wow Words (TM). This is CRUCIAL! This is how you attract more of your fave clients. (Note, these are words you use all the time and words your business besties use all the time. They have real meaning and impact).

Step 3: Don’t sell your soul online, tell soul stories instead

Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? So many people are scared to sell on social and that’s because technically you don’t sell on social media!

One of the biggest mistakes people make on social media is the big sell, sell, sell … there’s a time and place and today we are going to “sell” something, but I’m going to teach you my tips on how to do this so you actually get something from it and not a bad rep!

  • Engagement hack number 1: STORIES

Did you know social storytelling is responsible for 65% of conversations had in public (Forbes)? How many stories are you sharing and how many people are talking about you?

Stories are the quickest way to build engagement and start a relationship because they are relatable, memorable, entertaining and emotional,  they show we are all human.

  • Engagement hack number 2:  QUESTIONS

Ask a simple question! It’s literally as simple as that! What do you want to know or what do you want your people to tell you?

Questions are one of the most engaging forms of content you can produce because our brain has to answer them!

  • Engagement hack number 3: PICTURES AND MEMES

Are you attaching any personal pictures with your content?

Funny story … one of the best posts that I have created in recent times over on my Facebook business page – Elizabeth Campbell The Word Stylist – was about my one-year anniversary.

The reason this was a successful post was simply that it was personal and people we engage with want to know we are human, we are the same as them, we are “normal”, and that we have a life outside of our business.

It was really well received! What I have found is when you share some beautiful personal content, people love it and you are seen as being human.

Step 4 – A little structure goes along way

No structure to your content  = a confused audience.

The issues I see related to this mistake alone are huge. For example, the content waffles, it’s confusing and doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t follow a format that’s easy to understand, there’s no call to action, there are just big blobs of text on the page, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on! 

This makes it very hard for people to follow what you are saying and 9 times out of 10 you won’t get any engagement. How do you stop making this mistake?

Follow this simple structure:


Lines sentence/s


Call to connection = AKA the new phrase for call to action

Step 5 – Tips for selling on social media   

  1. Plan ahead. Develop a social media campaign that incorporates both marketing and selling. What is your brand identity? How will you communicate this via social media? What story do you wish to tell? You need to decide whether to emphasise a product, service, theme or promotion, and work out how to encourage consumers to actively participate with you in this.
  2. Don’t make assumptions about what customers want.
  3. Know your target customer (Business Bestie!). Make sure your content addresses a need the consumer has and that you can fill or provide a solution to.
  4. Create great content. You want to position yourself as an expert in your niche. Create posts and link to blogs and other articles that are written for a general audience of normal people. Also remember to create content with a tone and material that suits your target consumer.
  5. NO hard sell! Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to manipulate people or subject them to the “hard sell”. This is actually more likely to drive customers away than to attract and hold them.

You need to stand out online right now – and writing high-quality content is the key

Right now, content cut-through and standing out online is critical to business success.

It always has been!

If you want to learn the strategies and tactics to ultimate success online, get more engagement,  inquiries and clients from your time, efforts and investment – there has never been a better time!

If you don’t have a strategy.

If you don’t know what to write about every time you sit down to create a post.

If you have struggled with structuring your posts and content

If you are not getting engagement and leads

If your inbox is not flooded with inquiries.

You need help!

The Wow Words content writing course and writing accountability membership is that help.

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