5 easy ways to give boring, dull content the Wow Factor

Content writing tip: 5 Easy Ways to give boring and Dull Content the Wow Factor - EC Writing Services

Content writing fact: Any business owner can create content – but not all content has the same effect on a reader. If you want copy that draws in readers, inspires their imagination, and – most of all – sells your products and services, it’s essential to capture the elusive ‘wow’ factor.

It’s hard to put the ‘wow’ factor into words, but you know it when you see it (or read it)! Content writing that’s expressive, interesting, informative, and useful makes a lasting impact and keeps readers coming back for more. Awesome content also builds a connection with your audience, meaning they feel invested in your brand and your story.

Capturing the ‘wow’ factor may sound intimidating, but don’t stress about it – even if you weren’t much or a writer in school, you’re short on time or don’t know where to start, there are a few simple steps you can take to up your content game and keep your reader’s attention.

How to amp up your content’s Wow Factor

1. Dress Up Your Headlines

Newsflash: Headlines can be exciting and informative at the same time! You don’t have to stick with generic, boring lines. Even something as simple as word choice can make a difference – ‘5 tips for cooking pizza’ isn’t as exciting as ‘5 Foolproof Pizza Hacks’. Experiment with different headlines to see what resonates with your readers – alter the structure and the word choice until you find something that sticks. When you’re learning the art of headline writing, it’s helpful to look at viral videos and articles for examples. Your headlines should elicit strong emotions so that readers can’t resist clicking to learn more.

2. Have a Great Hook

Your hook is the linchpin of your content. It should occur early in your content – ideally within the first sentence. It sets the stage for the rest of the article and makes readers curious about what’s coming next. Your hook could be a short story, a strong statement, or even a single word that seizes your reader’s attention. Remember to introduce the hook quickly –  if you wait too long, you might lose your audience!

3. Use Exciting Images

Chances are that in a short blog, you’ll only have one or two images – so it’s critical to make them count. Choose photos that are bright, engaging, and interesting. Ideally, the photos themselves tell a story that sticks with your audience. Write interesting captions to elaborate on the photos and make sure the visuals align well with your branding and overall message.

4. Build a Human Connection

Why would a reader be drawn to your content over someone else’s? Why should they connect with your brand? There’s a common theme…you! No one else can replicate your style, tone, or brand with the same level of authenticity and passion. Whether you’re bold and state things the way they are, creative with a flair for what you do or funny with a penchant for telling jokes, weave those skills into your writing and show readers the real you. Don’t be afraid to tell stories and to share lessons from your life – no one else has lived your story since it’s unique.

5. Use Sayings and Cliches

Many writers will counsel you to avoid cliches – but why? Cliches resonate with your audience; even if they seem worn out, there’s a reason they’re used so frequently. Of course, use them naturally, and don’t bombard your audience with fluff. Use cliches sparingly to illustrate a point or to make a lasting connection with your readers.

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Elizabeth Campbell, The Word Stylist, is an award-winning journalist, editor, and author of Wow Words on the Web. She helps business owners stand out, generate leads, and win more clients and opportunities through the power and beauty of words and online content.

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