5 blogging hacks to save time when writing

Write online content in half the time with these blogging hacks from Elizabeth Campbell

FOLLOW THESE STEPS: Here are my best blogging hacks so you can write online content that connects, converts and kicks your business up a whole new level!

These are my best time-saving writing tips!


  1. Have a plan: Know where you are going. Ask yourself these questions and pop them into a simple plan:
  • What is your content goal? What do you want to achieve?
  • Who is your target market (problems)
  • What you’re doing month to month?
  • Who’s writing and how often?
  • How will you maintain, measure and promote your blogs?


  1. Work to a schedule: Once a week or once a month sit down, write and schedule your blogs and social media. IT will make your life so much easier and save you a whole bunch of time.


  1. Read, research, repeat: Reading and researching will give you so many ideas so you never have to think what you’re going to write about. Think about client questions, industry trends, news, things you have noticed, conversations, your own research/statistics, memories, stories…jot them all down in your notebook for story bank.


  1. Invest in a ghost blogger: Outsourcing is the new black when it comes to top blogging hacks. If you don’t have time, don’t like writing or just don’t want to do it – get in the experts. Ask us about our content writing and blogging packages. We can make your life a dream by taking it off your hands!


  1. Repurpose what you have already: Take a piece of content and change 50 per cent of it. Give it a refresh with a new headline, add a new story, case study or quotes to it and spruce up the call to action.


And here’s one more tip just for good measure and because I’m feeling generous…


  1. Be prolific, not perfect: My good friends over a Key Person of Influence taught me this tips … be prolific, not perfect. Blogs are the simplest form of content that we can create and change. Podcasts and videos are harder because of the editing process. If you need to change or add to it you can. That’s the beauty of a blog.


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