4 pieces of quality content your audience will love

quality content

This week on the blog – I have a challenge for you…

Committing to quality content!

You can commit to content easily every day and week so you start to get the rewards and results you want and need to get more clients from your content.

This is very doable.

So this week I’m encouraging you to get on the bandwagon and commit to content too. Are you with me?

Here are 4 easy ways you can commit to quality content this week.

Choose one of these tips and examples and just do it. Don’t think about it too much, just get in, get the copy written and post it.

What do you say? Will you do it?

Commitment 1: Be more personal

It’s all about getting personal in your content now – so in your next few social media posts, try this approach. 

Show more personality this week by posting something real and raw. It could be a few behind the scenes, or as simple as you speaking from your heart, or even sharing a pic from the weekend.

If it feels scary, just know, you can do this and it’s worth the reward because more people will see you as a person and not just the person who owns the business! And they will regard your content as higher quality too.

Commitment 2: An invitation for your audience

Try an #AskMeAnything series of questions. This will be great content for stories and feed posts for Instagram and Facebook. You could also use this as hashtag on LinkedIn and YouTube.

What questions are your customers asking you over and over again? This is your first clue. If you can can’t recall any, ask them what kind of helpful content they would like to see from you. 

Write these down and then address their comments by answering them as questions in your next few posts.  You can also do these as live videos if you are feeling brave.

Commitment 3: Why don’t you ask the questions?

Interview your best customer/s! Who has been with you for a long time? Or who is your absolute dream client? 

Share snippets of their journey with you and their testimonial as to how your business has assisted them.
Better yet, why don’t you interview them live!

This type of post helps you share what you are capable of.

Commitment 4: Adding more value = quality content

Now, the word value gets thrown around a lot online, so it can be hard to determine what it is and what it looks like when it comes to your content.

Valuable (and quality) content makes a difference, it teaches, it shares, it informs and it entertains.

Today is the day you make a difference.

Do you add value with every post or blog you share out there? 

Every business has something to teach their followers. For example, I love to share tips on embracing content and learning how to write words that rock and get results.

My main aim is make the process of content easier by breaking it down to smaller steps, sharing frameworks and writing methods, and also creating content for you to download and subscribe to.

Adding value and sharing honest advice and suggestions to genuinely help your followers, builds trust and friendship with them.

Where are you going to add value this week? Think about tips, advice and frameworks that you use that you can easily share.

quality content

Need some help coming up with ideas?

Coming up with ideas and topics to write content about can be really difficult , frustrating and TIME-CONSUMING!

And if it’s one thing you don’t have a lot of – IT’S TIME!

So, I’ve got something for you that’s going to really help you with these 3 key problems:

– You don’t know what to write about so you procrastinate.

– You don’t know how to write it in a way that will get engagement.

– It’s taking you way too much time to write (which costs you money)

Entre the Ultimate Content Ideas Swipe File – 60+ content ideas that work to get more clients quickly.

If you’d like to:

– be more consistent with your content online

– save time and write quickly, and

– actually see a result – like more engagement, leads and clients

– get more reach without advertising, and

– post the right words day in day out…

You are in the right place! Grab your Swipe File here today!

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