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Building a visionary company requires 1 percent vision and 99 percent alignment.” – Jim Collins & Jerry Porras in their book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

Do you want more eyes on your content? More leads and sales? And a big, warm online community that respects, values and looks forward to what your business has in store?

Maybe you recently plunged neck-deep into content marketing, but you’re wondering where this adventure is going to lead you to and how to get through the hurdles.

Or, you’re an established business still wrangling with words that are just not hitting the mark – your target audience.

Like with any adventure, you have to embrace the highs and lows. If on some days the world of content strategy makes you feel frantic and lost, don’t stress out – it can make everyone feel like that! All you need is a helping hand – by way of a content strategy and plan.

Content strategy is not as scary as you may imagine it is – it takes a little bit of learning, time and experimenting to succeed, but once you have these main points sorted, you can sit back and watch your content work hard for you!

Here’s what I’ve learned about content strategy and planning and how to actually get real results quickly and easily!

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Step 1 – Commit to 3 areas of content for 3 months

Starting today, let’s change the way you think, view, approach and execute content.

Like with any big venture… whether it is to hire a new employee, be a digital nomad or accomplish your annual targets in business, there’s not much you can do without a content strategy or a plan.

Then why attempt content marketing differently?

Many business owners aim for far more than they can handle, putting out unique social content and creatives across different platforms, churning out blogs and videos, and trying to create a successful promotion strategy – no wonder you feel drained!

It’s never a good idea to take on more than what you can commit to. So, try this instead:

– Start smart with 3 content areas:

Fornisce questo sito una maggiore disponibilità di mantenimento di un rapporto sessuale in qualsiasi momento. Ma a volte pericoloso per la vita o di conseguenza, la pressione arteriosa può scendere precipitosamente.

If you have been doing a little bit of everything or nothing at all, think about committing to social media posts, blogs and newsletters to begin with (or what you think is essential for you and your business).

– Choose what’s best for you and your clients:

Some businesses perform better on Instagram, others may find Facebook or LinkedIn more compatible to find leads and sales.

These are your non-negotiables. Your non-negotiables are what you do week-in and week-out for at least 3 months (you’ll see better patterns between the 3-6 month mark). Check your results regularly, before you add more work to your plate. When you feel you are used to the drill of the three areas you have chosen, only then start adding to your content goal.

Step 2 – Plan for all 3 content areas, breaking it down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks and goals

Take your time to get into a good rhythm with these. For this to happen, you need a detailed plan.

Here are some pointers so you can jumpstart your new, organised journey:  

  • How many social posts, blogs and newsletters do you want to publish?
  • What is your formula, theme and topics for each content area for 3 months?
  • Create a deadline to complete your content and then have time to make changes and have it proofread. 
  • Align your content with your content promotion strategy and what products and services you have for sale.
  • Create interesting and stand-out images, gifs or short videos to go with your content to give it some wow factor.
  • Decide when and at what time to publish. 
  • Set a reminder to schedule it. 
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Step 3 – Create a short-term content plan; it should be aligned to your 12-month business plan 

Make sure your content is inline with your 12-month business plan and what you are looking to get done, what areas of business are you focusing on – products, events, services, etc – align your topics and calls to action with these.

What do you envision for your business in the next 12 months? What are your new products, services, collaborations, partnerships, goals and direction?

Maybe you’re launching a new course in February or you are starting a podcast channel from June – and maybe this is planned out already.

Your content efforts will fuel and boost your business goals. It’s essential that you match your content plan with your business goals if you want to streamline your marketing efforts and lead your team in the right direction towards success.

How to confidently turn your idea into a profitable piece of content that gets leads, clients, and opportunities

Ready to take content strategy into your own hands?

Speaking, texting, emails, social media, websites, blogs, infographics, podcasts, videos – the entire world of digital marketing thrives on the power of words.

With so much pressure surrounding content creation and marketing, business owners have so much to learn in so little time.

Be careful and considerate about what you’re putting out there, inspire your followers, sell your products, add value with every piece of content, be a thought leader, keep up with the social media trends, make sure your website is updated, get the creatives sorted and oh, don’t forget about that blog that has to go live next week – to manage content marketing is certainly a rollercoaster ride.  

But what crushes the hearts of many business owners is when there are no results, sales, leads, opportunities or success after all of this effort and hard work. 

This is what it takes to solve this problem – understand the basics, have a content strategy that works, know the right structure for the right piece of content and dedicate the time to creating it.

Check out my Ultimate Content Strategy and Planning Kit to kick off your 2022 content with your aligned vision!

Here’s what we cover in the short course:

  • How to strategically get more engagement from your No.1 asset – your target audience!
  • How to write your magnetic messages to draw more people to you!
  • How to choose and use your juicy  keywords to create content that speaks to your ideal clients (without sounding salesy) 
  • How to consistently come up with great ideas for your social content
  • The Content Creator: A done-for-you 12-month content plan and interactive template that’s aligned to your business goals

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