3 secret tricks to content that sells!

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Once upon a time there as a business person who was trying so hard (compromising time with their family and friends and working around the clock … even weekends!) to grow their business but the results just weren’t happening quickly enough! 

Does this sound like a familiar story to you?

It certainly was for me when I first started out in business almost 5 years ago – yes, it’s really been that long!

Let me give you a secret trick when it comes to growing your business…you need content … lots of beautiful content, plus a sprinkling of amazing products and services that people want and a dash of business bestie wow words.


In this blog, I’m going to share with you 3 secret tricks to help your content grow your business:

  1. Secret trick number one: Cosy up with your business bestie

A business bestie is more than just a “target market”. They are a real person who you can talk with about their troubles and how you can help them.

BIG TIP: Know their words … and you will know what to write about.

Your business besties are your biggest source of content fodder because if you listen carefully they will tell you exactly what they need from you and the content you should be creating.

This is a HUGE deal!


  1. Secret trick number two: Build trust in your content to help overcome objections

Objections that people have and the reason they don’t work with you are simply that you haven’t built enough trust or you haven’t given enough value … yet!

That’s where content is amazing because you can find any little holes (holes = objections) and fill them up with incredibly amazing content!

Just say you aren’t converting from an ebook download you have on your website, even though you have a call to action and the person who downloaded it is on your list and also receiving your newsletter each week.

It will honestly just be a matter of content and using the right words. So what is something else you can give them to help them even more?

Maybe it’s an email series, maybe a special blog post, an offer or another form of content such as a webinar or workshop.

NOTE: Refer to point number 1 … knowing your business bestie will help you create content they need and want!

How do you build trust? Give great quality info (don’t be vague and don’t hold back). Always solve the problems your people face and use some credible stories, facts and statistics. Think like a journalist.

  1. Secret trick number three: Know your client’s content journey

What do I mean by this? Well, when you know where someone is in their business or on their journey then you can shoot them out content that will help them at that specific point.

If they are already in your product funnel, then they have started their customer journey with you … so what else can you be giving them?

Think ahead and give them the content before they even think to ask you … they will fall in love with you because you are a step ahead of where they want to be and you are helping them on their personal journey.

These are really foundational content planning and writing secrets and is something we focus on in Wow School. If you’d like to learn the art of online content writing … why not come along to one of our upcoming workshops or writing events.

This is our area of expertise and if you are a savvy business owner who needs to cement themselves into the hearts of their business besties … on their website, blog, social media, downloads, emails, newsletters or any other form of content you are producing.


If you are having trouble writing any type of content writing, have a look at the tools you are using and the get some structures in place to help you.

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