3 biggest blogging problems businesses have

Do you know your clients problems? It's time you did writes Elizabeth Campbell The Word Stylist

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Hands up who blogs!? Hands up if you’re a who know you should blog you suffer these blogging problems…

  • You don’t have the time?
  • You don’t know how to write or don’t like writing?
  • You have too many ideas or no ideas at all?

These are the three most common problems that business owners have when it comes to blogging every week.

This is something I talk about in my how to blog workshops, but let me give you best tips on blogging right now:

You don’t have the time?

This is a huge blogging problem. Get a formula in place and work to a schedule. If you have a formula in place you can sit down and write quickly and easy every time. For example, if you are creating weekly posts…week 1 might be a how to, week 2 a numbers list, week 3 is a client questions and week 4 is an opinion piece. Then every week of that month you know exactly what you are writing about.

HOT TIP: Schedule your time each week or month so you can sit down for an hour and just write.

You don’t know how to write or don’t like writing?

If you don’t like writing my biggest tip is to give it to someone who absolutely loves it, like me, or another content writer you know.

If you don’t know how to write, being in business is all about learning so book yourself into a workshop or course and learn how to!

Often I find it is the structure that people don’t know and when I give it to them they understand it and they can just sit down and write. The writing process is simple a hot heading that clickable, a convincing lead sentence, formatted body copy with dot points, bold and italics and then a strong call to action, plus you need to use your on-page SEO tricks; that is, keywords and links.

You have too many ideas or no ideas at all?

If you suffer writer’s block (huge blogging problem!) I suggest looking around … there is inspiration everywhere! Check your Facebook feed for blog topic ideas. Have a look in a newspaper or magazine for a headline idea or use something like my Content Create to brain dump 100 ideas in 10 minutes. Read, research and repeat. Keep a notebook handy so you can keep track of anything cool you think of.

Seriously, blogging is one of the best things you can do to EXPLODE your business … hello page one of Google where all the magic happens! Blogging can be so easy once you know how to come up with ideas, organise all of those ideas and know the writing structure.

Come to one of my workshops, combat these blogging problems and see how easy it is. Simply book here.

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