7 ways to 10X your online profile & presence in 2018

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Roberta: “Wow Liz, I’ve be watching your online profile and want to know what you’re doing. You’re everywhere.

Liz: Yes, it certainly feels like that.

Roberta: Even the office was great for your profile.


As I reflect on the year that was, I look back to January (which feels like a lifetime ago), on all the things I did to grow my profile this year.

It’s often a question I get asked … what have you been doing? What’s your strategy?


Well, my strategy simply starts with what I teach … write awesome online content for your website, blog and social media.

So that’s what we did.


Everything I did this year revolved around sharing amazing content that followed my Code Of WOW: Help people, use WOW Words and be strategic.


When I was speaking with my writing coach this week, he said the same thing … “we forget how many people want to know how to write really good copy and create content that’s valuable.”

So that’s where I start each and every time!



My blogs had a goal of helping every person that read them (my mission is to the change the world one blog at a time).

Every social media post I put out had the same purpose and was creatively written to capture people’s attention and keep their eyes moving all the way to my call to action.



The Qld Tennis Centre became my home of events and my first office. It was exhilarating to move and have my team come and join me. Every event I ran in Brisbane was held there and I quickly became known for that. It also opened up many more corporate opportunities.



I partnered with other business owners to run events like my Office Warming Party, Birthday Party and Christmas Party with my biz wifey Francesca Moi.

And I ran many webinars featuring other business owners who are awesome at what they do. I held Business Styling events featuring guest who shared invaluable info with my guests about building a business of their dreams and a online profile and presence to match it!



You wouldn’t believe it, and it wasn’t my intention, but getting my new car, Lexie, the Lexus CT200H actually helped raise my profile. Everyone knew about her and wanted to know about her. Crazy, I know … but it was something that people were interested in.

A new car was on my wishlist for the end of the year once I had reached a specific financial goal – $50k in sales a month.

But in April this year, the universe had different ideas, and I had a car accident on the way to speaking gig on the Sunshine Coast. So I needed to get a new car because my old one was written off.

Would you believe it around the same time in May I reached that financial goal anyway! So cool!



This was an easy one … I simply asked people to share and tag me when I came to my events and content if they thought it was worthy of sharing. This helped skyrocket my presence online.

This is a very easy one for you to do! But something we forget to do or don’t feel comfortable in doing.



Something I’ll focus on more in 2018 is PR, however I was interviewed a lot online and also had some radio appearances.



My goal is to grow a media publishing house and to do this I quickly realised I needed people in my team who were doing for me what I was doing for other business, because you can’t do it all right?!

So I got a marketing’s manager for the first time ever. Now I’ve always had a social media manager but the marketing manager is a step above and beyond this.

We quickly got to work on a strategy and a marketing plan for my Wow School, my online profile and workshops, and all of a sudden I had more followers and more sales.


There you have it my friends! These are the areas I consciously or unconsciously focused on in my business for 2017 to grow my profile and, in turn, my business through the roof.

Next will be even B.I.G.G.E.R!

If you’d like to know how to write content that raises your online profile and gets people reading and sharing, why not check out my writing workshops in a city near you!


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