10 pieces of content to raise your profile

EC Writing Services -10 pieces of content guaranteed to help raise your profile online

Thinking about doing something different with your content in 2020? Check out 10 content ideas guaranteed to raise your profile.

A word of advice, though: don’t do too many at once. Creating content can be a lot of work and overwhelming at the best of times.

Choose no more than two regular types of content; for example, a blog and a podcast. If you want to do more, release a quarterly piece like a white paper, webinar or infographic. 

We don’t want you to quit before you even start!

AND stay tuned for next week, when I release another 10 ideas for content assured to help you stand out.

Until then, feast your eyes on these:

1. Blog posts: Number one, have a blog. If you don’t, start here and commit to a regular (weekly) blog. For ideas, grab my Swipe File and Content Creator.

2. Tips/fact sheets: This can be a page on your website or a free download opt-in to help grow your list.

3. Interviews: Interview influential people inside and outside your industry.

4. FAQs: Include fun and funky ones – you can break this into two parts – about you and about the business. 

5. Webinar series: Webinars work wonders to create another revenue stream or as a free tool to build your database.

6. Video series: You can take a blog post and turn it into a video or video series. Pull out each pointer in the blog (have a look at this tip from my Instagram page).

EC Writing Services -10 pieces of content guaranteed to help raise your profile online

7. TV show: More and more people are doing this now. All you need is a video camera and a mic – and away you go! You have to start somewhere. 

EXAMPLE: You would build up to something like Marie TV (Marie Forleo).

8. Podcast: They’ve been around forever. They used to be hip, then they went out of fashion – but now they’re back. 

EXAMPLE: Tim Reid’s Small Business Big Marketing Show has done this so well. He has always been on the podcast bandwagon, and now everyone is starting to follow suit again. It’s actually very easy and low cost.

9. Online presentation/webinar: A PowerPoint presentation you’d normally do face to face, but you do it online. These get a lot of views and sign-ups if you have it set up that way. This could be done in a Zoom room or as an official webinar. You can call it a training, information session, webinar, or whatever you like! 

TIP: Of course, anything that’s not sitting on your website should have a link back to your website in the form of a call to action, or have the content embedded in your site.

10. Infographic: Very easy to outsource for a minimal cost. This can sit on your website and be shared on your social platforms as well as be sent to your list. It’s a quick and easy way for people to learn about a topic without reading a lot. 


EC Writing Services -10 pieces of content guaranteed to help raise your profile online

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