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Hi, I’m Liz Campbell, The Word Stylist…

And the founder of EC Writing Services. We are a team of professionals who love content writing and everything it does to help you achieve excellent results in your business and beyond.

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Ultimately, we want your audience to say
WOW to your content.

We work with small business owners who want to stand out online to drive more connection, leads and sales in their business,
while also sharing their voice and standing up for what they believe in. …aka using their WOW WORDS!

But if your content is not working, it could be one of these 5 reasons:

Do you want to know the SECRET?

We follow our trademarked content writing formula … a process like nothing else in the world. 

It is unique and it’s as individual to us as your fingerprints are to you. Let me share with you: 

It is the Content 2 Ca$h writing system

And we use this for our own content, content we exclusively write for clients and we teach it in Wow School Global.

The benefits of great content when you follow a proven process...

– More leads (those coveted email addresses and contact details)

– More inquiries into your social media and email inboxes

– New business and new clients

– Repeat business and re-engaged past clients

– Opportunities to speak, be on podcast shows and in the media

– More product and service sales

– More referrals

Here's how we can help with your content

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Need strategic content writing help?

– If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

– Have a poor online presence and profile.

– Have few, if any, online leads and sales. (And there are not many opportunities, collaborations or partnerships coming your way either)…

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Templates to make writing quick and easy!

If writing is taking up too much of your time, there are two things you can do today to make it quick and easy: Outsource it or learn how to write it, so it:

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