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Hi and welcome to EC Writing Services and WOW School Global. I’m Liz Campbell, The Word Stylist, and we make writing easy for busy business owners who want results!
Our purpose at EC Writing Services is to create millions of positive impacts around the world, transform the way we use our voice, exercise our right to share information, knowledge and experiences freely, a privilege that not everyone has. We have a voice and we’re using it – and we’d like to teach you to do the same! We help savvy business owners, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs who want to start a business with the skills they need to produce effective online content that gets results.

Where would we be without words?

You are a goal getter, achiever, proactive professional who is tired of missing out on leads, clients and opportunities because of unorganised and inconsistent content, you know great content can help you stand out and grow your business, but you're busy and have very little time to DIY.OR you love writing and you've been DIYing for a while now, but you've never got a solid result or return on investment.If you want to learn how to write or have impactful content written for you, you’re in the right place!

We are a team of professionals who love content writing and everything it does to help you achieve excellent results in your business and beyond. I am Liz Campbell, The Word Stylist, journalist, word nerd and team leader with over 6+ years of business success from the power and beauty of words. Our team is made up of social media content creators and writers, happiness experts and virtual assistants who are here to give you all the support you need to meet all your business objectives and content goals.


The SECRET writing weapon

We have a secret formula … We follow a process that is like nothing else in the world. It is unique and as individual to us as your fingerprints are to you. Let me share with you: It is the Content 2 Ca$h writing system!


How to write online content in 4 easy steps

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