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Elizabeth Campbell - EC Writing Services - Learn how to write a blog and boost your buisnessHello my fellow Business Styler

Only a few weeks ago, a friend and a super blogger said to me: “Liz, why are you not doing workshops? I’m so surprised you haven’t added this to your list of products yet.”

And with her on my case, it got me thinking…why haven’t I?

So this year, I’m offering networking events, workshops and webinars – some free and some with a price tag. I have collaborated with industry gurus to present workshops in the past and have some big things on the horizon with partnerships in 2016 (stay tuned, I’ll write a blog about it. And can I just say, I absolutely love presenting and downloading what I know.

I love speaking to a room full of people about my one true love – writing – but I love nothing more than to stand in a room full of like-minded people and teach them how to write online content that rocks and gets results.

The half-day workshop: How to blog and boost your biz is about how to write a blog. I know this is a popular topic because I get asked the question – “how do you blog?” or “how do I start a blog?” – all the time. Only just today one business owner posted the question in a forum…he actually wanted a process and template to use. I’ll give these to you.


My goal is to make it so easy for you to write your own blogs, more than that, your own online content.


I know many people love writing and want to write but:

  • You may feel they don’t time. It doesn’t have to be that way.
  • You may be scared to put your thoughts out to the world – we can overcome that fear together.
  • Or you may be overwhelmed with where to even start (we’ll work on that too).


I genuinely want to help because my love of writing is just that strong!

I will give you processes, templates and frameworks to follow along with some examples. We will also talk about overcoming writer’s block, planning your blogs so you never run out of ideas, finding your style and SEO too (it’s not scary, it’s awesome!).

These workshops are going to be epic and I’m super excited! Stay tuned  friends – there’s a webinar or workshop coming to a city near you!

For more info get in touch with us today on 0427 366 824 or email