Ultimate Look Good Online Program


Learn how to write online content that rocks and gets results!!

Once upon a time there was a word princess who left her full time job as a journalist to run an online content writing business…Armed with wow words, her own unique style and a can-do attitude, the word princess styled gorgeous web words, built up her online following, wrote guest blogs for all the top sites in the kingdom, ranked No. 1 on Google and staked her claim as The Word Stylist. She turned her passion in to profit all through WOW words…and now, she will show you how you can do it to.

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The Ultimate Look Good Online Program

Do you want to:

  • Stand out from the crowd?
  • Be the shining star within your industry?
  • Do you want to know how to write online content that rocks and gets results?


Yes?…of course, you do! Because you, my friend, have wow words within just waiting to come out!

The 6-week Ultimate Look Good Online Program will show you how to write WOW words and turn them into WOW web words that increases your online ranking, raises your online profile and brings more leads into your business!

Having worked with, and written content for, thousands of businesses, I notice many are styling their business offline, but not online. This leads to three common problems:

  1. You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
  2. You have poor online personality, presence and profile.
  3. You have few online leads.


In fact, when I surveyed a bunch of business owners to find out what they were struggling with when creating an online presence for their business, the top 5 responses were:

  1. They had no writing frameworks or templates (69.57%)
  2. They had no idea how to promote their content (69.57%)
  3. They had no online content and writing strategy or plan (65.22%)
  4. They didn’t understand how to incorporate storytelling into their content (56.52%)
  5. The idea of SEO completely overwhelmed them (52.17%)


It’s confusing…I get it! However… Words and online content are an area you as a small business owner need to have a love affair with, otherwise you risk being outshone by your competition or, worse, left behind.


Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with the Ultimate Look Good Online Program.

The Ultimate Look Good Online Program is a five-step process involves:



  • 9 mistakes all businesses make
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Content writing strategy
  • Identifying target market


Website, blog and social

  • Online content writing frameworks
  • Story telling
  • Style (voice and tone)
  • SEO – on-page and off-page
  • Repurposing content (20 different ideas for content on your website)


  • How to promote your content
  • Marketing strategies
  • Public relations and how to write a press release
  • Guest blogging and social media


  • Google analytics
  • Measuring template


  • A host of templates and maintenance plan
  • How to outsource effectively
EC Writing Services Plan Write Promote Measure Maintain

The Ultimate Look Good Online Program gives you:

  • A content plan so there is no confusion.
  • Framework and templates to cover all your online issues
  • A strategy to create an online presence that wows.
  • SEO tips and tricks to generate online engagement and leads.


The Ultimate Look Good Online Program will show you how you make your web words work so you can rank higher in search organically and basically for free! Not only that, we’ll do some work around raising your online profile with some public relations strategies and how to work with the media.

You know what that means, right? More traffic, more leads, more conversions, new shoes, oh sorry, I mean more money at the hip pocket (which potentially means new shoes).

It is a practical and relevant online content writing course that will take you from now to WOW.

Why should you sign up for this program? Let me tell you!

If you don’t believe you have the skills the write – don’t worry, I’ll teach you. If you feel like you don’t have time, don’t worry, I’ll show you there are enough hours in the day and you don’t need to use up a great deal of them on your online content writing and if resources are an issue, that’s totally fine too, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
The Ultimate Look Good Online Program is a five-step process that helps you Plan, Write, Measure, Promote and Maintain your online content so you know how to write online content that rocks … but ultimately gets results.

Want to know what you get?

  1. My awesome client questionnaire – this has never been made available to anyone except the people we write for (I’ll show you how it’s more than just a questionnaire, it becomes the bones of your content writing and plenty of other nifty things too).
  2. 6 workbooks.
  3. 6 pre-recorded webinars with online presentations.
  4. More than 20 templates that my writers and I use to help you save time so you can get right down to writing.
  5. And a host of other things you’ll receive but I want to keep as surprises – everyone loves a good surprise right?
Learn how to write online content that rocks and gets results, EC Writing Services, Elizabeth Campbell

I believe ANYONE can learn the basics of how to write effectively, beautifully and creatively on the web so you can stand out, generate leads and boost your business.

– Liz, The Word Stylist

Meet the Word Stylist behind The Ultimate Look Good Online Program

Learn how to write online content that rocks and gets results, EC Writing Services, Elizabeth Campbell

Word styling (v): To take boring, unreadable, valueless content, give it a makeover and turn it into WOW words that create WOW moments. Usually performed by a word stylist (n).

Hi, I’m Liz and I’m The Word Stylist.

I’m also the founder and creator of EC Writing Services and the author of the book: WOW Words on the Web.

I work with small businesses – namely in the fashion and beauty industry – who want to look good online through words.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, it is.

I’ve always loved everything that happens at the intersection of writing and beauty. When I was 4 I penned my first book and at 14 I was a published journalist.

So I’ve had a 15-year marriage to the media with independent and international companies working on fashion and beauty products.

I still write for many print and online publications, edit a gloss fashion and beauty magazine (Get it Magazine) and I am also the co-owner and chief blogger over at Makeup Media Marketing, a business that helps makeup artist turn their passion into profits.

I’ve created The Ultimate Look Good Online Program to meet a demand of Businesses who want to learn how to create their own WOW words and create their own online presence.

What I share in the Ultimate Look Good Online Course is for any small business owner who enjoys writing but wants to know how it’s done properly so they can raise their profile and boost their business.

I’ve successfully used these techniques all of my writing career and now I teach other writers and businesses how to do it themselves.

I know what has worked for me and my clients. And now I am sharing with you all my insider knowledge.

What I share in the 6-week Ultimate Look Good Online course is the writing frameworks that every journalist is taught. The thing that I’ve found is that there is a direct link from print journalism to online content writing when it comes to WOW words and this is what I will show you.

Countless hours of research and testing has gone into the Ultimate Look Good Online Course.

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The Ultimate Look Good Online Program

Not sure if it’s really your thang?

EC Writing Services - Business owners who want to write online content that gets results

This course will wholeheartedly benefit you if:

  • You are a new business and have a website with no WOW words
  • You are an existing business who needs a word shake up – let’s create Wow moment from Wow word, OK?!
  • You’ve written the copy for your website but really need some more info to make sure it’s working with you and not against you.
  • You think it’s high time you got yourself a blog and rocked it each and every time.
  • You just love writing and want to learn more about the art of online content writing.
  • You don’t mind paying someone to write your content but you still want to know how to do it in case you want to help or take it over one day.
  • You just need help when it comes to writing for your readers and search engines (that’s SEO and it no so SEOhhh boring as you may think!).

How much would you expect to pay for a course of this calibre?

Online content writing companies, website copywriters, content marketing businesses, SEO professionals, public relations companies – whatever you call them – they all charge around $1500-$3000 a month to handle your content for you, including the creation and management of it.

Ok, so I can spell fifteen hundred dollars for you but here what it really spells for your business:

$1500-$3000 a month for 6 months = $9000-$18,000

Over a year = $18,000-$36,000

The Ultimate Look Good Online Program is
looking good at ONLY $395.50

Pretty good, don’t you think?

There’s actually more than $2000 worth of info attached to the Ultimate Look Good Online Program.

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The Ultimate Look Good Online Program

Still got questions? No worries...

How is the course delivered?

Each week we will release a new block of material overflowing with content, worksheets, do-it-now action points, checklists, templates and much, much more. This is delivered in webinars (pre-recorded and live), workbooks, videos, emails and other various forms of content.

What is the difference between the program and the book – WOW Words on the Web?

The program is an interactive 6-week online course that focuses on how to write online content writing with more information and templates that the book offers. It takes the content and puts it into actionable steps week by week with us holding your hand. You get the WOW Words on the Web ebook free so it is always there as an ongoing support tool.

How much time will it take?

It’s a self paced course, so you can take as much or as little time as you like. I suggest you commit around 2 hours a week for optimal results. But like anything, the more time you put into the more you will benefit. Don’t worry if you get busy or a bit behind, once your have purchased the course, you have lifetime access, so you can always come back and re-do anything you missed.  Awesome, right?

What if I get stuck?

That is what I’m here for! I will be answering questions via the private Facebook group. We are here to help, There are no wrong answers and no stupid questions. If you have a question it’s likely to be burning in someone else too!

There will also be time for Q&A at the end of each webinar.

What if I don’t have a website, blog or social profiles set up yet?

Not a problem! That’s even better for word styling as you can start at the beginning. You’ll get the website plan and architecture so you’ll have everything you need to rock it.

What if I don't love it?

If after the first module you reckon it’s really not your thing – don’t stress. I’m not going to make you finish it if you don’t love it. Where’s the fun in that?

Also, I love words and writing and if you are going to hang with me, you need to as well.

After all we are going to be dating for at a least 6 weeks and who know after that! I need you to love what you’re learning.

That’s why I have a WOW words happiness guarantee: I’ll refund your money (less an admin fee of $150) and you’ll be free to go on your merry way.

I know from experience and my own content writing that this course is cool and you will learn to write content that rocks and gets results.

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The Ultimate Look Good Online Program

If you still have questions, I'd love to speak with you so please drop us line at liz (at) ecwritingservices (dot) com