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Blog writing framework – one of them

What’s a blog content creator without a blog framework?

We believe everyone knows how to write and you can learn to write great content on the web (even if you secretly loathe it!). So here is one framework you can use for a blog post. There are others, of course, which I’ll share with you over time. It’s worth $19, but it’s yours for nothing. Just go forth and write business blogs!

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Here’s the easy way to write a regular blog

…Use a template that works. After you’ve got your content writing strategy together and know the goals you want to achieve with your web writing, these are the next three steps we follow:

  1. Idea or theme

If you’ve got your content writing strategy together, you’ll know what you should be sitting down to write about. If you’re not that far along yet, the first thing you do is come up with an idea for your post. Think about the questions your clients have asked you, the time of time of year, what’s happening in the news, or something you have a strong opinion on.

  1. Research

It’s always a good idea to research your blog post. See what others are writing about your topic. Of course, you will have your own spin and it will be your experience and information. Plus, research can also spark ideas for other blog posts.

  1. Write

Mix and match your thoughts, research and other information like tips, tricks, stats and quotes into your post. You can use a story or anecdote to kick it off so you draw emotion from the very start. Then solve a problem that your readers or clients face, regardless of whether you are writing a list or tips post, a personal story or an interview. Use the fundamental “Five Ss” – Strategy, Substance, Structure, Style and SEO – outlined in the book as you would in any other web writing project, and don’t forget your call to action.


TIP: Leave the header until last – it’s an old journalism trick. As you’re writing you’ll have better understanding about your blog post’s content and you’ll be able to write a really effective, attention-grabbing header.


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Business Styling Brisbane Facebook eventI knew I had to start blogging for my new start-up business. Problem was it was too hard to start. Enter Liz Campbell’s free downloads on her website which was just what I needed to get my act together. These downloads had solid advice that I followed to the letter. I now have 90 topics that I can write a blog about – awesome! Here we are two days later and I have two blogs already written, one with a link to a free download on my website. I am writing one a day, following Liz’s techniques it only takes about 30 minutes for each blog. Thanks Liz for these resources, you rock!

Elizabeth Gillam; author, speaker, mentor
Franchisee Success,