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Learn the structure of how to write a blogto is loved by readers and search engines EC Writing Services, Elizabeth Campbell

Blogging workshop: Want to know the secrets to get to page 1 of Google?


Learn the structure of writing a blog – so you can do it quickly and easily every single time.

The benefit to you: Your readers will love you and the search engines will love you too.


This is just one of the secrets to getting to page 1 of Google organically.

And, simply, it comes down to your content. Having. Really. Awesome. Online. Content…On your website, your blog and your social media platforms.


That’s the secret.


Being on page 1 of Google can open up so many opportunities – more leads and sales will boost your biz!

I know you’re on this page for a reason and that’s how to learn how to do all of that. So I’d love to teach you.


I find people ask me all the time:

  • How do you do it?
  • How do can I write online content that rocks and gets results?
  • How do I blog effective or how do I write a blog?
  • What’s the framework?
  • What’s SEO? How do I find my keywords?
  • How do you promote yourself on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn and the like?

How to blog and boost your business with Elizabeth Campbell





That’s what my half-day writing workshop in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne is all about.

Here’s what we cover in the blogging workshop:

The 5 “S” method:

  1. Strategy
  2. Substance and Soul
  3. Style
  4. Structure
  5. SEO


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The first 2016 blogging working in Brisbane with Elizabeth CampbellStrategy

In our time together we go into more depth about planning your content and I’ll show you how to use some of my templates to save yourself time and energy. We’ll look at blog topics and your social media formula.


Substance & Soul

Stories, stories, stories! How to find and use them. Think like a journo. Journos have a nose for stories and now how to write them in a way that readers LOVE!



Making your content sound like you. But let’s make you stand out even more! We’re talking voice and tone and how on earth you get your message out there.  PS – you have plenty to say and can add so much value to your ideal customer’s loves.


Elizabeth Campbell teaching the fundamentals of online content writing at her blogging workshop in BrisbaneStructure

Commonly known as “the how to write” framework. You can write, but I’ll make it super easy for you. I’ll give you the template, so you can do it over and over again. We are talking (and writing headlines, leads and calls to actions). Plus, I’ve give you some ways you can repurpose your blog into other forms of content so you can save even more time!



SEO is not scary and it’s not hard, contrary to popular belief. You just need to what to do, right? Easy, let’s talk keywords and links, and bit about off-page SEO to raise your profile even more. I’ve got some tactics of how to get in the good books of Google and the search engines. This is all about organic reach so you can save you bunch of money (to spend on other fun things!).

Plus I’ve got a bunch of other cool info that will help you save time and money and start to get results.


They’re all raving about it!

This blogging workshop has been hailed by small business owners as like nothing else they ever been to. (that warms my heart!).

Here’s what they’ve got to say. (100 per cent of attendees say the relevance, content, presentation and overall enjoyment was EXCELLENT!)


“Difficult to say what was most beneficial…fabulous presentation and delivery.”

“The content was great, loved it and the guest speaker.”   

“It was great and very timely”.


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This blogging workshop is your ticket to boost your business using online content you write yourself (save thousands of dollars!).

This is how you stand out generate leads and take your biz to the next level.

If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, want to improve your online presence and get more leads sign up today!


Where:Elizabeth Campbell at the blogging workshop in Brisbane

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When: 9.30-1pm

Where: Various

Investment: $147 is a small investment to learn something new that can boost your profile and business in ways your can only imagine.

What to bring: Your laptop or iPad and/or your notebook and pens – WE WILL BE WRITING!

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