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My story: Elizabeth Campbell, content writer

My favourite colours are handbags and heels.
My blood type is busy.
Work should be about home cooking.
Playing on my iPod is Max Power, the super dog.
I’m a donator of love and cuddles.
My favourite pastime is pink.
I have a licence for all things sparkly.
I love to listen to a caramel latte.
My accessory of the moment is my business.
I’m most at home with a big happy smile.
I like to relax with flowers and red lipstick.
Life is about building a resume of fun.
Hi, I’m Liz and I’m The Word Stylist. I work with
established small businesses in the fashion and
beauty industry who want to look good online.

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For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to write

  • I penned my first “book” when I was 4. It was about a runaway $1 coin that got stuck down a drain, swept out to sea, washed up on a shore and eventually found its way back to its owner’s pocket. (I reckon I must have lost a buck and was hopeful I’d find it again).
  • Got high scores in English at school.
  • Was always in trouble for writing notes to my friends in class.
  • I was a published journalist at 14.
  • Kept a diary for many years, have always written to-do and pros and cons lists and still write everything down (and I mean everything. I can’t help it!)

What about now?

Yes! I still write … in fact, I write 15 blogs a month – 11 as a guest contributor and 4 for my own content writing blog.

  • Smallville, CCIQ, Tweak Your Biz and Flying Solo guest contributor – I go out to more than 500,000 unique browsers a month.
  • I’m a columnist with Get it magazine – the Gold Coast’s leading fashion and beauty gloss magazine with a readership of 40,000.
  • As The Word Stylist, I teach small business owners how to write online content that rocks and gets results through my workshops.
  • The graduate Word Stylists have a secret Facebook group where I share more extra writing tips with them.
  • I run a networking event called Business Styling Brisbane where I share info on word styling and I also bring in guests speakers to talk about business styling – how to have a business that doesn’t rule your life.

About ecwriting

Beautiful Words

Need content written for your website or blog?

Writing has always been my thing. When I decided I wanted to be a journo at 14 that’s what I did and from then on in,

I was hooked. I knew writing was my sole purpose in life
and the only “job” I’d ever want.

So I did. I had a wonderful 15-year marriage to the media as an editor and journalist, for international and independent companies, working on fashion and beauty products.

EC Writing Services actually began 2011 as my little side venture while I working in the high-profile land of newspapers and magazines as an editor because I wasn’t writing as much as I used to and I missed it. But the business had a mind of its own and really started to take flight at the end of 2012.

In March 2013, I made a huge decision – I became, what they call, a “corporate escapee”. I said good-bye to newspapers and the media, had a quick fling with public relations and then gave my undivided and complete attention to a long-term relationship with EC Writing Services. It has been the best lifestyle decision I have EVER made because now I get to focus on you and your content writing needs and wants wherever you are in Australia. Location need not be an issue as we have fashion and beauty clients all over this great country – metro, regional and rural.

Now I get to create beautiful words for your website, blog, ebook or profile, help you leave a lasting impression, make sure you stand out from the crowd and aid in generating leads and return readers who love what you are all about.

That’s my main aim and I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.

I am always looking for new connections, clients and partnerships, so if you think we’d be a fashionable fit, please get in touch today! I’d love to hear from you.

Alternatively if you are a business owner who wants to learn the art of online content writing, I invite you to register for my new book – Wow Words on the Web.

Complete career profile

professional information

A creative, energetic and diversely experienced media professional with demonstrated success in the highly competitive media environment of regional, community and rural print journalism, I have vast experience in editing, proof reading, writing general news and magazine articles, advertising features, profile writing, page layout and design, team management, communication strategies, problem solving and community networking

  • You will find me personable, articulate and professional in appearance and manner.
  • My key strengths include the ability to balance multiple projects, a meticulous eye for detail and meeting deadlines under pressure, while maintaining accuracy, readability and credibility.
  • Equally capable in conveying information to the uninitiated, while relating to a range of people from diverse backgrounds.
  • I’m highly organised and motivated.
education & courses

Education: BA Arts (Journalism), Journalism, PR and Communications

Courses: Managing People for Performance, Online journalism, Newsroom management online, Sub-editing (proof reading) online course, Certificate III

Media: Photoshop

selected achievements
  • Gold Coast Publications Inaugural Managing Director’s Award 2009.
  • Editor of several award-winning magazine supplements.
  • Launch editor of three newspaper-insert magazines.
  • Successfully training team members to higher ranks and also closely liaising with a team of external writers and an in-house team of designers.
employment & experience

Editor – Get it magazine

Editor – Gold Coast Eye
Gold Coast Bulletin weekly lifestyle magazine

Advertising features editor
Gold Coast Publications

Gold Coast Publications: Gold Coast Bulletin, Sun Community Newspapers, www.goldcoast.com.au, Gold Coast She magazine, GC Property Guide and Best of the Gold Coast

  • Editor – Gold Coast She magazine (monthly): 2010-2012
  • Editor – Gold Coast Property & Suburb Guide (annual magazine): 2006 -2012
  • Editor – GC Property and Lifestyle Guide: 2009-2012

Journalist/section editor/sub-editor/page designer
Sun Community Newspapers

Goondiwindi Argus Newspaper

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